Best of the 2010s: 10 animated TV shows that defined the decade

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Doc McStuffins
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4. Doc McStuffins (2012-present)

As noted in the Paw Patrol slide, it’s not right to just focus on one demographic and this time, we’re taking it back to the toddler/younger kids realm. This time, it’s a Disney Channel show and that’s Doc McStuffins. Premiering back in 2012, the series is wrapping up its final season although we don’t know when it’s going to be airing yet.

The premise for the show is easily one of the most unique on the list. Doc McStuffins follows Dottie aka Doc who fixes toys, stuffed animals and other playthings that are injured. She uses a special stethoscope that allows her to communicate with her patients. The team is rounded out by Lambie, Stuffy, Hallie, Chilly, and Squeakers who usually end up helping Doc. The main focus on the show is that Doc wants to be a doctor like her mother.

Doc McStuffins has received a lot of praise from both critics and parents since it began airing seven years ago. Whether it be the diversity of the series, the themes it tackles or the catchy songs, the show has transcended itself in a lot of ways.

Even though it’s set to wrap up after only five seasons, the show has made its mark beyond just five seasons. If anything, it could usher in a new era of doctors into the world. While it might not go that far, the impact Doc McStuffins has made for some is immeasurable. Not a lot of TV shows can confidently say that.