Bob’s Burgers: Where is the best place to buy gifts for fans?


With Christmas almost upon us, you might be purchasing some Bob’s Burgers gifts for the fans in your life. Where’s the best place to shop, though?

It’s hard to believe that Christmas and 2020 are almost here. It feels like just yesterday Season 10 of Bob’s Burgers was premiering. With Thanksgiving and Black Friday over, the pressure is on to get your Christmas shopping done. This can be especially tough if you’re buying for someone who is a Bob’s Burgers fan as the show doesn’t have a lot merchandise out there.

If you’re stumped on what to buy, have no fear because Hidden Remote is here to make your shopping a little bit easier. While you can always buy seasons of the show on DVD, it can be a bit boring. There is nothing wrong with that, but maybe you want to step outside of the box a little bit this year but have no idea where to start. Thankfully, this post is especially for you if you’re looking for something a bit more unique.

Before getting into the stores and what to buy, it’s obvious that Christmas isn’t about the gifts, but rather spending time with those you love. As fans of Bob’s Burgers, we know that sometimes that’s all the Belchers have. If you do want to get something special for Bob’s Burgers fan in your life, then have no fear because it’s time to talk about which stores are your best bet when shopping for fans of the show.

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No list would be complete without Amazon. Amazon has unequivocally changed the idea of Christmas shopping so it’s a great place to start. Looking at Amazon, you will find the seasons on DVD along with the show’s official cookbook, coloring book and comic books.

If you’re looking for something different, Amazon also has a Clue based around Bob’s Burgers, a blanket and a Kuchi Kopi. The possibilities on Amazon are endless although a bit middle-of-the-road in terms of uniqueness.

Moving away from Amazon, Hot Topic is another great site to look at for fandom-related gifts as they’re home to a lot of cool items. In terms of uniqueness, Hot Topic has a lot of stuff you wouldn’t find anywhere else. There is a set of Kuchi Kopis modeled after the Belcher family, a beanie featuring all of the characters and even, bedding options. Their selection is pretty small but they do carry a lot of Bob’s Burgers related items you couldn’t find anywhere else.

Going hand-in-hand with Hot Topic is Box Lunch. Box Lunch also has a lot of unique fandom items. In terms of Bob’s Burgers items, the site has a smaller selection than Hot Topic. If you’re looking for Bob’s Burgers apparel though, Box Lunch has you covered. There are different options for shirts and sweatshirts along with belts and wallets. If you’re looking for Bob’s Burgers related clothes, Box Lunch is a must for you.

Of course, I’d be remiss to not include the Fox Shop which is the network’s official shop. If you want something specific, there’s a good chance that the Fox Shop has it. Unlike some of the other stores, the Fox Shop features a good mix of merch for each character. There is apparel, board games, office supplies, cups and books. They do have a pretty wide selection as well but surprisingly, no DVDs. Regardless, the Fox Shop is a good place to browse.

The fifth and final place to shop for Bob’s Burgers related gifts is Etsy. If you really want something unique, then Etsy is the way to go. If you’ve thought about it, chances are someone on Etsy has it for sale. You can commission a custom portrait of yourself in the style of Bob’s Burgers for instance. You can also buy candles themed around the show as well. There are stickers, pins, wine glasses, earrings and so much more. The only downside is not knowing when something will ship and if it will be here in time.

When shopping for the Bob’s Burgers fan in your life, be sure to keep these 5 stores in mind. It’s not always easy to find a gift but you might be surprised. Hopefully, these end up helping those who are on the hunt. Personally, I’m planning on buying myself a Bob’s Burgers related gift so no shame if you are, too.

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Bob’s Burgers returns December 15th with a new episode at 9/8c on Fox. 

Do you plan on buying any Bob’s Burgers related gifts this year? Be sure to let me know in the comments!