Ranking the 10 best Big Brother USA players of 2019: No. 10


With the year nearly over, we decided to take a look back at the 2 seasons of Big Brother we had this year. In our look back, we decided to rank our 10 greatest players of the year.

With 2019 almost over, we decided to reflect on the 2 seasons of Big Brother that took place this year. We realized we had several good players over the course of the year. With this in mind, we decided to rank the 10 best players of the year. This will cover both Celebrity Big Brother 2 and Big Brother 21. Checking in at No. 10 is Kato Kaelin.

No. 10: Kato Kaelin

Kato came out of the gates strong on Celebrity Big Brother 2… perhaps a little too strong. He formed an alliance with Tom Green and Anthony Scaramucci. However, Anthony left in a fake houseguest twist on Day 6.

After Anthony left, Kandi Burruss was nominated to replace Anthony on the chopping block. Already on the chopping block were Tom and Jonathan Bennett. Kato won the POV that was put up for grabs and used it to remove Tom from the chopping block. Joey Lawrence was named the newest replacement nominee. Kato and Tom helped evict Jonathan in a 6-1 vote

On Day 10, Kato won HOH. He nominated Dina Lohan and Tamar Braxton with the intention of backdooring Ryan Lochte. When Tom won POV, Kato’s plan came to fruition. Tom used the POV to save Dina and Ryan was nominated in her place. Ryan was then evicted in a 6-1 vote.

Kato was able to remain safe for one more eviction when Tom won HOH. Together, they helped take out Joey Lawrence. However, Kato and Tom soon found themselves huge targets.

On Day 19, Tamar won HOH and nominated Kato and Tom for eviction. Her target was Kato as he had proven to be the stronger player of the pair. Lolo Jones won the POV and chose not to use it. Kato was evicted 5-0. On finale night, Kato voted for Tamar to win Celebrity Big Brother 2.

Kato checks in at No. 10 because of his strong gameplay. I also feel he and Tom got a raw deal that season. I would have liked to see what kind of damage these two could have done together if they were given more of a chance.

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