Golden Globes: 5 reasons Game of Thrones deserved a nomination

Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke photo HBO Medium
Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke photo HBO Medium /
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Battle of Winterfell
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Game of Thrones is incomparable, but making comparisons proves even further that the nomination process is extremely flawed.

Not only are ALL the episodes in total better than any other series on television in the past year, much less the competing nominees, but it’s arguable that single Game of Thrones episodes are better than the entire season of some of the nominated shows.

2. The sum of all parts.

Discounting Game of Thrones as an entire season 8 product because many people didn’t like the overall finale is just ridiculous. Over seven hours of content during the six episode season is absolutely littered with unbelievable moments. Some very high quality content.

Seeing the entire “Jon Snow is really a Targaryen”-story arc come to fruition is an unforgettable moment. Subsequently seeing him have sex with his Aunt, then fly on a dragon named after his father, is a deep, tangled web of narrative that was so incredibly satisfying. Of course, Rhaegal got blasted by two giant spears (simultaneously shocking and awesome), so the Jon Snow+Rhaegal moment was short-lived.

Leading up to the ultimate battle(s), watching Missandei’s execution was a brutal reminder of this show’s gut-wrenching truth: Nobody is safe. In addition, there was the Clegane Bowl, Theon comes full circle, the Night King dies, and Bran becomes King. The incredible scenes and shocks in the final season are nearly limitless.

3. Individual episodes.

Sorry, but there is not a single episode of any of the nominated shows that even remotely comes close to how epic, how ferocious, how absolutely overwhelming the “The Bells” was. That episode was absolutely ridiculous. And it’s only the SECOND best episode of the season. Which is arguable.

Once “The Long Night” is taken into account, there really isn’t a comparison. Game of Thrones has a single episode better than the entirety of the other shows’ seasons. That bad boy was 82 straight minutes of OMFG. People were relieving themselves in glass jars like Howard Hughes because they didn’t want to miss anything.