Golden Globes: 5 reasons Game of Thrones deserved a nomination

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Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke photo HBO Medium /
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Aside from the other shows not standing up to Game of Thrones, there are other reasons the nominations are nonsense.

How does one credit a show for being superb? What’s the general measurement to determine if a show is actually good? Or successful?

There is one obvious differentiation between the shows.

4. The ratings tell the truth.

Let’s start with the biggest challenger to the Game of Thrones title: Big Little Lies. Brace yourself, because the viewership for this behemoth was no lower than 1.4 million this season, and topped out at 1.981 million for the finale. A respectable 1.64 million people watched the show on average.

Succession is next, and whoa did it knock the doors off. The best was a 0.7 million monster for the penultimate episode. The ten episode stretch averaged just under 0.6 million viewers per episode.

Next is Killing Eve, which brought in a whopping 0.459 million viewers mid-season, and averaged less than 0.4 million per episode. Game of Thrones had more viewers in Papua New Guinea (probably).

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By comparison, Game of Thrones was so horrible, so undeserving of nomination, so littered with poor acting and zero drama, that no less than 10 million people tuned in for each episode. In other words, more people watched a Game of Thrones episode, pick one, than the entire season of the aforementioned nominees.

The finale for Game of Thrones had 13.613 viewers, which is more than the population of Belgium, Bolivia, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, or Israel. Combine the bottom 69 countries by population and you still have to invite number 70 (Guyana) to the viewing party in order to reach the Game of Thrones finale numbers.

But, yeah, the other shows are better (eye roll).

5. The reviews tell the rest of the truth.

The Morning Show got absolutely curb-stomped by reviewers. These are some of the superlatives describing the first three episodes: brutally dull, meandering, patience-testing, generally unimpressive, hit the ‘snooze’ button, muddled. Does that sound like a show deserving to be considered a rival to Game of Thrones?!

Also, let’s not forget the absolute avalanche of awards Game of Thrones won in previous seasons. Suddenly, it’s horrible and nobody on the show can act? Nonsense.

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It’s asinine Game of Thrones wasn’t nominated for a Golden Globe. The exclusion tarnishes an already suspect award nomination process.