The top 10 Lifetime movies of 2019

The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders. Photo by Courtesy of Lifetime
The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders. Photo by Courtesy of Lifetime /
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6. The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders

The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders aired as part of Lifetime’s “Cheer, Rally, Kill” line-up this past September. Denise Richards stars as the mother of a new cheerleader in high school, Ava (Savannah May). Richards is not a huge part of the film, but it’s always lovely to see her turn up, even in a small capacity.

Secret Lives is your typical cheerleader film complete with mean girls, pseudo-violent hazing rituals, and suspicious deaths. However, the real scene-stealer is Alexandria DeBerry, who plays the evil scenery-chewing Katrina. She’s fabulously entertaining to watch.

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5. Escaping the NXIVM Cult: A Mother’s Fight to Save Her Daughter

If you’ve paid attention to any true crime or pop culture news in the last year or so, odds are you’ve heard about the now-infamous NXIVM cult. It featured some familiar celebrity faces, including former Smallville actress Allison Mack. The sadistic Keith Raniere led the cult and used actresses like Mack to recruit young and vulnerable women.

This film documents the true story of actress Catherine Oxenberg’s journey to save her daughter from Raniere’s clutches. Peter Facinelli plays Raniere in the movie, and Andrea Roth portrays Oxenberg. If you like the film, Lifetime also produced a Beyond the Headlines documentary that followed up with the real-life Oxenberg.