The top 10 Lifetime movies of 2019

The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders. Photo by Courtesy of Lifetime
The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders. Photo by Courtesy of Lifetime /
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2. The College Admissions Scandal

Lifetime’s turnaround time on making a movie about the now-infamous college admissions scandal deserves a prize all its own. The producers must have gotten busy the day the entire scandal went live. The event only happened early this year. Several wealthy actresses like Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman were indicted after it was discovered they bribed their children into ivy-league schools.

The entire scandal goes much deeper than just a few celebrities, however, and the Lifetime movie gets into the details as it follows two women who would do anything to get their children into the university of their dreams.

1. The Cheerleader Escort

The Cheerleader Escort is, as its title suggests, about a cheerleader who moonlights as an escort when she discovers escorting is a lucrative opportunity for her and that it could help her pay for college.

The film aired as part of the “Cheer, Rally, Kill” line-up, and it’s just as juicy and scandalous as you would expect a movie to be about cheerleading and escorting. As we mentioned in the introduction, this film is quintessential Lifetime, and it’s an entertaining and enjoyable watch if you happen to catch it airing on television one night.

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