5 good Netflix shows to watch over Christmas break

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Alexa and Katie Season 3, Part 1

The two fun-loving best friends are back and ready for junior year in Alexa and Katie.

What the show is about: Alexa (Paris Berelc) and Katie (Isabel May) are lifelong and inseparable best friends. In the first season, before the start of her freshman year, Alexa was diagnosed with cancer. The series revolves around Alexa’s cancer diagnosis and how it affects her relationship with Katie, her family, and her classmates.

Alexa’s family is made up of her older brother Lucas (Emery Kelly) and parents Dave (Eddie Shin) and Lori (Tiffani Thiessen). Katie has a younger brother, Jack (Finn Carr), and a single mother, Jennifer (Jolie Jenkins).

In the upcoming Season 3, Alexa and Katie are ready to take on junior year. In the trailer, Alexa claims she is “done with cancer forever” after everything that happened the previous year. However, the two friends now have to worry about getting college, relationships, and making new friends.

Why you should stream it: Alexa and Katie is a relatable teen drama that centers around friendship and high school all while tackling tough topics like cancer. The first two seasons are available to stream. The first part of Season 3 will be released on Dec. 30.