Is Supernatural on tonight, Dec. 19?

Thursday nights have been about the final season of Supernatural. Will a new episode of Supernatural Season 15 air tonight, Dec. 19?

It’s Thursday night, which means we should get to settle in with a new story of Team Free Will’s next adventure. So, what’s going on with the schedule? Is Supernatural Season 15 on tonight, Dec. 19?

If you have questions about the major cliffhanger at the end of the last episode, you’re most certainly not alone. The whole point was to leave us with the need to see the next new episode, but that’s not going to be this week. Cliffhangers usually tell us one thing about Supernatural. Yes, it was the fall finale last week.

The next new episode won’t be until Jan. 16. That means a month of questions, and a month of theories. There will likely be some clues and teases throughout the month, although hopefully not more spoilers!

So, what about tonight? While there isn’t a new episode, is there going to be a rerun? The CW tends to like offering reruns.

That’s not the case tonight. Instead, there’s going to be an iHeartRadio special.

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There will be some Team Free Will reruns in the coming weeks. Jan. 2 will see the first rerun, with a reminder of everything that happened in the Season 15 premiere. Until then, you’ll be able to watch the most recent five episodes on The CW App.

And don’t forget to come up with your theories. We’ll bring ours throughout Hellatus, along with some suggestions of shows to watch while you wait.

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What are you watching tonight? What’s been your favorite Supernatural episode of the season so far? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Supernatural returns with all-new episodes on Jan. 16 at 8/7c on The CW.

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