Where to re-watch the entire Mr. Robot series

MR. ROBOT -- Pictured: "Mr. Robot" Key Art -- (Photo by: USA Network)
MR. ROBOT -- Pictured: "Mr. Robot" Key Art -- (Photo by: USA Network) /

Need to catch the series finale of Mr. Robot or want to re-watch the epic adventure? Here’s where to turn to!

Nowadays, you don’t need a cable connection to watch some of the most brilliant shows airing. All you need is an internet connection and a subscription service (or free trial, we’re not here to judge). Mr. Robot concluded on Dec. 22, but we’re ready to re-watch it all! You can also recommend it to a friend since, now that it’s over, they can binge watch it all. Not to mention, we’re on winter break! With most shows gone and Christmas vacation in full swing, there’s no better time to get wrapped up on a new show.

Where can you stream Mr. Robot online without cable? There are a few places you can turn to! Please note: There are no spoilers whatsoever, below. 

First, the obvious: Watch via USA Network. You just need to sign in by giving the site your cable TV information. If you don’t have one, no problem! USA Network also accepts Sling TV and YouTube TV accounts! This brings us to our next options:

YouTube TV: At YouTube TV, you can watch the finale live AND most previous Season 4 episodes. For other seasons, though, you’ll have to go elsewhere. Unfortunately, one of these places is not Netflix. HBO Now is also no good.

Amazon Prime Video: For the entire series (at least last time we checked), go to Amazon Prime Video. If you’re a subscriber, you’re in! Otherwise, sign up for a free trial! You won’t only be unlocking Mr. Robot on Prime Video, but a lot of exclusive content, as well!

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Where will you be re-watching the epic roller coaster ride of emotions Mr. Robot took us through? Did you enjoy the finale?