Where can you stream Little Women?

Little Women is currently out in theaters. Chances are you’re want to watch at home through a streaming platform. Where will Little Women head?

Little Women has had many adaptations over the years. While nothing will likely beat the 1994 movie, Greta Gerwig has certainly brought a slightly more modern-day feel to the latest adaptation. Now you’ll want to know where you can stream Little Women.

Right now, the movie is in theaters. You won’t be able to legally stream for some time. First, it will come to DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital, which is where you’ll be able to purchase on Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play and all other digital platforms.

But what about a streaming service? Will Little Women go to Netflix? What about Amazon Prime or even Disney Plus? We need to look at the production studio and the distributing studio to get an idea of that.

Columbia Pictures was one of the production studios and Sony Pictures is distributing it. That means, we’ll likely see this movie head to STARZ. Most of these movies take at least six months to head to the streamer, so we’re looking at June 2020 at the earliest to watch Little Women with your STARZ subscription.

While we may not have asked for this adaptation, it’s certainly one that’s been a positive surprise. It is capturing the hearts of the critics, with a 95% score and rated Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. There’s no way you’ll want to miss out, whether you loved the 1994 movie or not.

Check out the trailer for Little Women below:

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Little Women is now available in theaters.