The five biggest atrocities leaving Netflix in January 2020

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Last Hope Netflix, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
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Netflix is removing a ton of content to start off 2020. While some being stricken are shocking, others should never have been available in the first place.

Just when you think Netflix is figuring things out, keeping the great stuff and dumping the garbage, the algorithm goes completely bonkers. Either that, or it’s not an algorithm. Maybe it’s just a room full of interns throwing darts?

Before we get to the garbage that obviously deserved to be removed, it is important to give a shout out to the content that should never be removed. First and foremost, the entire Rocky series (well, 1-5) is being axed. The Book of EliCool Hand LukeEnter the DragonMystic RiverPulp FictionRain Man, Rebel Without a Cause, and several other classics are being removed. Disgraceful.

1. Good Luck Chuck

If you had told me before this movie came out that it would be possible to create something that would make me simultaneously loathe Dane Cook and dislike Jessica Alba, I wouldn’t have believed you. For the most part, he’s hilarious. And Alba, well, there is no denying she is absolutely one of the most beautiful actresses alive.

Somehow Good Luck Chuck manages to do all that, and include the following scene that’s so unrealistic, so unbelievable, there may as well be aliens and talking animals. No man is that strong. Every single man on the planet who watched this movie said, probably out loud, “Hang up the phone,” while the scene played out.

Where Good Luck Chuck fails the most is the attempt at including actual romance or heartfelt emotions between the leads. It doesn’t exist.