Wallander, Vera and more coming to BritBox in January 2020

Vera -- Courtesy of BritBox -- Acquired via DKC News PR
Vera -- Courtesy of BritBox -- Acquired via DKC News PR /

January isn’t just the start of a new year. We’re looking at the start of a new decade, and BritBox is starting it just right with new releases.

Whether you want crime dramas or comedy, BritBox has you covered. It’s full of great British TV shows, with excellent new titles each month. January 2020 is no different.

The month kicks off with the release of Wallander Seasons 1 to 4. Starring Kenneth Branagh as Kurt Wallander, we follow a detective who takes every case personally. He wants nothing more than the truth, even if it means his family and own health are affected.

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If you’re more into comedy, you’ll want to start the month off with the release of Mrs. Brown’s Boys New Year special. Brendan O’Carroll returns as the loudest and proudest mother throughout Ireland. Naturally, she loves to meddle with her family’s life, and that’s no different with the first episode of the decade.

Look out for all seasons of Mrs. Brown’s Boys later in the month. It’s time to catch up on the series!

For those who prefer more TV crime dramas and binge-watch Wallander in the first week, there are more heading your way. Silent Witness Season 23 is heading our way, with Emilia Fox returning as Nikki Alexander, the head of a team of forensic pathologists.

If you prefer a movie, look out for Olivia Colman and Tom Hardy in London Road. The movie is based on the true events that took place in 2006, where five women were found dead in a rural city.

And we can’t overlook Vera, with the 10th season dropping on BritBox towards the end of January 2020. It’s the longest-running British detective series with a female lead. Brenda Blethyn is back as Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope, who isn’t afraid to do things her own way.

Watch BritBox with a FREE 7-day trial of Amazon Channels!
Watch BritBox with a FREE 7-day trial of Amazon Channels! /

Everything coming to BritBox in January 2020

All titles marked with an asterisks are the BritBox Now titles, which arrive on BritBox shortly after the UK releases.

Jan. 1

  • Wallander Seasons 1-4
  • Mrs. Brown’s Boys New Year 2019*

Jan. 7

  • Silent Witness Season 23*

Jan. 10

  • This Farming Life Season 3

Jan. 17

  • London Road

Jan. 21

  • Vera Season 10*

Jan. 28

  • Mrs. Brown’s Boys (all seasons)

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What are you waiting to come to a streaming service near you? Which titles on this British-focused streamer are you watching in the new year? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

BritBox is available for $6.99 per month directly and through Amazon Channels.