Lifetime: 5 craziest moments from Deadly Hollywood Obsession

BUENA PARK, CA - OCTOBER 8: Actress Sarah Roemer arrives at the premiere of Columbia Pictures' "The Grudge 2" at Knott's Scary Farm on October 8, 2006 in Buena Park, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
BUENA PARK, CA - OCTOBER 8: Actress Sarah Roemer arrives at the premiere of Columbia Pictures' "The Grudge 2" at Knott's Scary Farm on October 8, 2006 in Buena Park, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images) /

Is dating a superstar a fantasy or a nightmare? That’s a question for the main character of Lifetime’s Deadly Hollywood Obsession.

Lifetime is back! The reign of Christmas movies is over. Our favorite zany, horrifying, thrilling, and irresistible Lifetime Original movies have taken their rightful place on the network once again. Deadly Hollywood Obsession is the first non-holiday film premiere we’ve seen on the network in some time.

Disturbia actress Sarah Roemer stars as school teacher Casey Wright. Casey’s life changes when she rescues one of her students from being kidnapped. Come to find out, the student in question is the son of A-list actor Sam Austin.

Casey’s heroics put her on Sam’s radar, and unfortunately for her, on his stalker’s radar too.

5. Lynette tries to kidnap Jack.

The movie begins with Casey at her teaching job. She notices Jack playing by himself in the distance, filming something on his iPad. A woman Casey doesn’t recognize shows up to pick up Jack for the day.

When Casey confronts the woman, who we later learn is Lynette, she panics and tries to abduct Jack. It’s a tense way to begin the film. Casey gets to be the hero by rescuing Jack, which makes her a target for paparazzi as she becomes incorporated into the life of action star Sam Austin.

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4. We get to see how Lynette lives.

Since Lynette is Deadly Hollywood Obsession‘s certified stalker, it’s not too surprising that she lives in a home that would make most people cringe. Posters and photos of Sam Austin adorn all of her walls.

She keeps entertainment news running non-stop on her small television to keep track of him. She talks to herself in the mirror and makes up fake conversations with the actor. It’s disturbing, to say the least.

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3. Casey’s house gets ransacked.

If you thought Lynette’s brand of crazy would remain constrained to Sam, then you thought wrong. Not only does she lurk outside of Sam’s house and watch his every move, but she eventually turns her sights on Casey.

Lynette ransacks her home, ruining her clothing, and spraypainting a sinister warning for Casey to back off because “Sam is mine.”

2. Lynette goes on the attack.

Toward the end of the movie, it appears that Lynette will be the main antagonist as she was throughout the film. She eventually shows up to terrorize Casey and Sam with a giant butcher knife.

Luckily, Sam manages to overpower Lynette, and she gets stabbed by her own knife. The only problem is, this showdown happens about fifteen minutes before the movie ends, setting up a massive twist in the plot.

1. Sam shows his true colors.

With Lynette out of the picture, it seems like Sam and Casey might become the perfect couple. They go on a mountain retreat and try to put the Lynette madness behind them. Then Casey starts to think about all the oddities she’s noticed, like Sam’s bodyguard talking about a frame job and Lynette swearing Sam made her promises.

She watches some old videos on Jack’s iPad that happen to have captured revealing moments between Sam and — gasp — Lynette! Casey discovers that Sam encouraged Lynette to kill his ex-wife Naomi because she threatened to take his son from him. He promised Lynette they would be together after.

As one would expect, Sam doesn’t react well to Casey’s discovery and attempts to kill her next. Casey manages to defend herself, and Sam gets arrested. The film ends with Casey back at her regular job at the school; Jack remains her student. He begins living with his Aunt Meredith, who looks “just like his mom.”

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Lifetime‘s next original film, Abducted on Air, premieres next Sunday, Jan. 5.