15 best Netflix shows coming in 2020

Photo: BoJack Horseman.. Image Courtesy Netflix
Photo: BoJack Horseman.. Image Courtesy Netflix /
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Spinning Out

Synopsis: Figure skating can beautiful and ruthless as evidenced in I, Tonya. Now, figure skating will be on full display in the new show, Spinning Out. Kat Baker (Kaya Scodelario) is an elite talent and rising in the figure skating community until it all comes to a crashing halt. Before she hangs up her skates for good, Kat is granted a second chance to compete as a pair-skater with the resident bad-boy, Justin (Evan Roderick).

As she progresses with Justin, Kat will have to confront her personal demons that haunt her past. She will have to navigate her battles with family, love, and mental health as she tries to pursue her Olympic dream. However, Kat has a secret that if revealed publicly, could derail her skating dreams. January Jones, Willow Shields, Sarah Wright Olsen, Johnny Weir, and Will Kemp round out the cast.

Why you should stream Spinning OutSpinning Out has a dog-eat-dog mentality as it will take a look at what the public doesn’t see behind the scenes in figure skating. Scodelario is coming off of two solid performances in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile and Crawl. All episodes of Spinning Out premiere on January 1, 2020.