15 best Netflix shows coming in 2020

Photo: BoJack Horseman.. Image Courtesy Netflix
Photo: BoJack Horseman.. Image Courtesy Netflix /
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Synopsis: Who do you think he is? That’s the biggest question in Netflix’s new thriller, Messiah. A man (Mehdi Dehbi) mysteriously known as “Al-Masih” appears in the Middle East and refers to himself as Jesus or the Mahdi. The man allegedly starts to perform miracles and gains a significant following, which causes many to believe that he is the second coming of the Messiah.

Because of his large following, CIA case officer, Eva Geller (Michelle Monaghan), is assigned to investigate this so-called Messiah and see if he’s who he claims to be. The man’s influence becomes so large that he has the capability to change the world, which means Geller is in a race against time to learn the truth. Is this man truly the Messiah or is he simply a con artist?

Why you should stream MessiahLike most Netflix shows that involve religion, Messiah will certainly attract criticism when it debuts on the service. Messiah will take a look at social media and its impact between people and politics. The show’s creator said the series is “provocative,” but not offensive because he prefers to start a debate rather than offend. All episodes of Messiah premiere on January 1, 2020.