10 biggest TV plot twists in 2019 we’re still not over

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10. Arrow: Traveling to the past

Arrow brought us an excellent plot twist that allowed to keep the 2040 storyline going. Instead of running two timelines parallel with each other like the writers did in Season 7, we saw Mia, William, and Conner head to the past.

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They were never trying to get to the past, of course. They just ended up there thanks to a time vortex of sorts, giving each of the characters a chance to get to know their parents. And we saw them integrated into the main storyline, preventing the feeling of their development taking away from Arrow‘s final season.

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9. Charmed: Destroying the Book of Shadows

What do you do when you find there’s too much happening in a show and you need to strip it all back. You opt for a reboot of a reboot. That’s exactly what Charmed did. With new showrunners in the second season came a new storyline and the destruction of the Book of Shadows.

Nobody thought it would happen. After all, the Book of Shadows was an integral part of the original Charmed. Destroying that, getting rid of the sisters’ powers, and getting rid of the Elders brought some of the biggest TV plot twists ever in the year. And the show is certainly benefiting from this decision.