Supernatural Season 7, Episode 20 recap: Charlie’s introduction to the series

The Winchesters meet Charlie Bradbury in Supernatural Season 7, Episode 20. Here’s a look back at The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragon Tattoo.

As if finding out that Bobby was back as a ghost wasn’t big enough in Supernatural Season 7. Episode 20 introduced one of the greatest recurring characters ever. It’s time to look back at “The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo.”

Needing to take care of Dick Roman, the Winchesters head to his base of operations. That leads to them meeting Charlie, the woman that would become like a little sister they never wanted. And here’s everything that happened in our flashback recap as we get through Hellatus.

Going after Dick Roman

While the Winchesters figure out their next move, Bobby continues in his efforts to gain energy to appear. He finally figures it out and manages to let the Winchesters know all bout Dick’s big plan. There will be state-of-the-art slaughterhouses to feed on humans. Before that happens, humans need to be cured of diseases like cancer to make them perfect.

Straight after that, the brothers get an email from Frank. It turns out that he is dead and someone is trying to hack his hard drive for information on the Winchesters’ aliases and whereabouts. However, the hard drive has this warning message to go to the brothers and a tracking device to see that it’s all coming from Richard Roman Enterprises.

Of the Winchesters go to Dick’s base. Bobby wants to head in alone, but the Winchesters worry that he’ll turn into a vengeful spirit.

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Meet Charlie Bradbury

We find out that Charlie is the one who is trying to hack into the hard drive after she was caught hacking into the Republican Super PAC to transfer funds to an environmental organization. There’s a catch; Charlie has to hack the device in three days or be fired.

Naturally, Charlie finds out that Dick is the head of the Leviathans. She even sees that Dick kills her boss, Pete, and gets a Leviathan to take his place. Charlie decides it’s time to get out of dodge, which is when Sam and Dean show up.

The Winchesters want her to hack into Dick’s emails. That can only happen in the building, and she agrees to do it. It’s when she has to flirt with a security guard that we learn she’s a lesbian and she isn’t ashamed of it (awesome!). With a little help from Bobby, Charlie is able to complete the mission and get to the Winchesters.

“The Girl with the Dungeons & Dragons Tattoo” – (l-r): James Patrick as Stuart Dick Roman, David Stuart as Pete in SUPERNATURAL on The CW.
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Stopping Dick Roman’s plan

The Winchesters learn that Dick has a package coming from Iran in 42 minutes. They need to stop the handover, so Charlie sends Dick an email that the plane is running late. it’s enough time for Sam and Dean to switch the suitcase with a borax bomb.

Charlie is able to erase all information on the Winchesters just as Dick asks if she found anything on the hard drive. She ends up trapped inside the office when the borax bomb goes off and Dick orders a lockdown. Bobby, still in the office, is able to break the glass and give the Winchesters time to get there to save Charlie. However, it’s clear that he’s showing signs of becoming a vengeful spirit.

And with some information about Dick, some red clay he was after, and Charlie now safe and on a bus to start a new life (with a statement that she never wants to see the brothers again), the Winchesters need to talk. What do they do about Bobby and the flask?

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