Star Wars Episode X: Will Rey Skywalker have a role to play in the next trilogy?

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker closed the book on the Skywalker saga, but it may not be the last time we see Rey Palpatine-Skywalker on the big screen. Does she have a role to play in Episode X?

Now that Star Wars: TROS has been out in theaters for a few weeks, it’s the right time to start asking whether or not Episode X will get made. The odds aren’t looking good considering the divisive effect The Rise of Skywalker has had on audiences, but we can’t rule anything out, especially after that cliffhanger ending.

Warning! Spoilers ahead.

During the final moments of TROS, Rey (Daisy Ridley) buries the Skywalker lightsabers on Tattooine then pulls out a completely different one from her waistband. Rey’s new saber has a black hilt with a bright yellow blade, suggesting she’s on her way to becoming a Jedi Knight.

While we didn’t witness Rey forging this new lightsaber, its’ color points to her becoming a Jedi Knight. They’re some of the only Force users to wield that particular color lightsaber in the Star Wars canon so she’s probably one too, or at the very least, on her way to becoming a Knight.

If Rey Skywalker has become a Jedi Knight, Episode X would be the ideal time to address her status as a newly-coined protector of The Force. She brought balance to it by destroying Emperor Palpatine, but that peace won’t last if someone doesn’t maintain it, which is where Rey comes in.

Will Rey have a role in Star Wars: Episode X?

The point is Rey undoubtedly has some role to play in Episode X, be it indirectly or directly. One might consider the possibility of a huge time-jump happening to make it impossible for Rey to resurface, but there have been instances of Force users delaying death indefinitely. Rey’s own grandfather set the precedent for such a notion.

With that factor being accounted for, it’s feasible for Rey to do the same. Rey’s learning of the Force Heal ability also gives us yet another reason to believe she can avoid death regardless of how much time passes between Episode IV and Episode X. She may have to leech off of others similar to how Palpatine drained his apprentices of their lifeforce, though that raises an intriguing concern.

Since Rey won’t willingly extract an innocent Jedi’s lifeforce from them, her only other option is to take from a Sith. There aren’t too many Sith or Jedi left, but Rey is bound to come across a few Force users throughout her adventures. And when she does, Rey can extract the energy she needs to retain her youth.

There’s a chance Rey could become corrupted by Sith energy, of course, Rey literally comes from a bloodline tied to the Dark Side and we’ve seen her resist temptation up to this point. The unpredictability of the Star Wars universe makes it impossible to confirm, but Rey has seemingly mastered a balance between the two. That factor makes it unlikely for Rey to turn now.

When does Episode X go into production?

Speculation aside, we still have to wait and hear from Disney about the next trilogy. Nothing official has been said in recent months but CNBC reported last December that a new trilogy would launch in 2022. Details are scant, though one aspect that’s been mentioned is that the story will distance itself from the Skywalker saga. Alan Horn confirmed as much in a piece from Variety whilst speaking about Kathleen Kennedy’s plan for the Star Wars universe following TROS.

As far as directors go, Rian Johnson was name-dropped recently. He’s apparently in line to develop a feature film trilogy for Disney but that won’t be the same one launching in 2022. Kevin Feige’s name has also been mentioned as he’s developing a Star Wars movie too, so perhaps he’ll wind up helming the next trilogy. Hopefully, that’s the case because he’s done wonders for Marvel.

All things considered, fans will appreciate a break from the current line of Star Wars movies. There’s nothing particularly wrong with them, but they haven’t been well-received if we’re being totally honest. Luckily, a three-year break should give audiences enough time to get excited about a new series of films coming out sometime in 2022.

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The Rise of Skywalker is currently in theaters everywhere.