Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist: 6 most emotional tunes from episode 1

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ZOEY’S EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST — “Pilot” Episode 101 — Pictured: Jane Levy as Zoey — (Photo by: Katie Yu/NBC)

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist has premiered and episode 1 had us all singing along and feeling all the feels! Here are the six most emotional tunes from the pilot.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is the happiest show on TV. If you’re wanting to start off the year with an upbeat comedy that features some of the best music of all-time, be sure you’re tuning in each Sunday night to watch Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist on NBC! The pilot premiered Jan. 7 as a little preview and sneak peek, but will resume episodes on Sunday. Feb. 16. So if you missed out, please note there are spoilers ahead! It’s not too late to catch up and watch the episode on NBC.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist follows Zoey Clarke (colorfully played by Jane Levy), a coder who seems to hold a lot of emotions in. She is dealing with a lot between work, love life, and her family. Out-of-the-blue, Zoey learns she has the ability to see/hear what people are thinking or feeling. But she isn’t able to straight up “read” their minds. Instead, their thoughts and feelings translate over to Zoey in song form.

That’s right! These characters get up and get down to some interesting musical numbers as if they are performing for Zoey, and she is not into it! Well, not initially. Soon enough, Zoey begins to handle this “gift” and uses it to help someone she cares about.

Make no mistake, as fun and jolly as this series may seem, it has a lot of heart. The songs and dance numbers are full or emotion and never meaningless. In fact, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is very relatable and connects to our feelings as we understand and learn how different people deal with (or hide) emotions.

From the opening minutes to its closing scene, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist keeps viewers singing and jamming along to its diverse set of tunes! Really, the musical drama has it all. We’re talking all genres, sad ballads, happy tunes, nostalgic music, you name it! Let’s musically break down some of our favorite moments from the pilot.

Here are the 6 most emotional tunes from the pilot: 

ZOEY’S EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST — “Pilot” Episode 101 — Pictured: (l-r) Jane Levy as Zoey, Mary Steenburgen as Maggie — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

1. “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,” Wham!

Zoey is annoyingly woken up by the music blasting from her neighbor Mo’s (Alex Newell) apartment next door. When Zoey walks out to head to work, she can’t help but knock on Mo’s door to ask why such loud music and singing is necessary.

Mo asks a very good question in return, “how else am I supposed to listen to Wham!?” Excellent point. Wham! deserves to be played at full volume. We instantly love Mo! He seems so fun and like the life of the party!

2. “Help!,” The Beatles

Wham! is a tough act to follow, but Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist transitions beautifully to “Help!,” by The Beatles. This is meaningful because it’s the first song Zoey hears that wasn’t intentionally played for her. Zoey thinks she’s going crazy and can’t believe what’s happening around her. The song shows how every person, no matter how charming or successful they seem to be, can all use a little help. But inner emotions truly shine in the next ballad.

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