What to watch on Netflix this weekend, Jan. 10: Medical Police, more

While the first weekend of the year lacked a strong selection at Netflix, there is plenty to watch this weekend! Here are our top recommendations.

January has the bad reputation of not premiering the best movies in theaters. We, unfortunately, have to agree. This month is for all the poor movies to compete for the title of “worst movie of the year,” while all the big blockbusters debut after the spring season. But over at Netflix, there’s something going on year-round!

The year started off with Messiah, a binge-worthy series that premiere on Jan. 1 ready to be absorbed by mystery and drama fans. Spinning Out, The Circle, and Sex, Explained are also all streaming. But what’s coming this weekend?

Before we dive into the two biggest shows premiering this weekend, here are some of Netflix’s most-watched shows at the moment that are already streaming:

New this weekend: 

Medical Police

If you enjoyed the underrated Adult Swim dark comedy, Children’s Hospital, chances are you’ll love Netflix’s Medical Police! The comedy stars Erinn Hayes and Rob Huebel as two physicians stationed at a pediatric hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The duo discover a life-threatening virus that can wipe out a civilization. A race is on to find a cure and the people responsible who began the outbreak.

From the trailer, you can see that it appears a bit more serious than Children’s Hospital, but the Netflix series stays true to its roots! You’ll want to watch this one! Medical Police premieres Jan. 10 only on Netflix.

AJ and the Queen

Also on Jan. 10, Netflix debuts the heartfelt dramedy, AJ and the Queen, starring RuPaul. The series will follow Ruby Red (RuPaul) a drag queen with a larger-than-life personality who goes on a life changing tour. Little does Red know, there’s an orphaned 11-year-old stowaway in the caravan!

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What will you be watching on Netflix this weekend? Did we miss mentioning a fun series? Let us know what we should be adding to the list.