The 5 Most Memorable Big Brother Moments of 2019: No. 2

With the 2019 in the rear-view mirror, we decided to take a look back at every season of Big Brother from the previous year. In our look back, we decided to rank the 5 most memorable moments of the year.

With 2019 now over, we decided to reflect on every season of Big Brother that took place last year. There have been many twists over the course of the decade. So, we decided to rank the 5 most memorable moments of 2019. This will include Celebrity Big Brother 2 and Big Brother 21.

For a moment to be considered for this list, it has to be a moment that people enjoyed, hated, or that just kept you talking. In other words, basically anything that happened on Big Brother in 2019 could be considered for this list. Checking in at No. 2 is the final 2 on Celebrity Big Brother 2 being all African Americans.

No. 2: the final 2 on Celebrity Big Brother 2 are both African Americans

In the long history of the show, only 1 African American had made the final 2 before: Danielle Reyes in BB3. That season, Danielle lost in the final 2 by a 6-1 vote after the jury had been able to see her diary room sessions. Since Danielle made the final 2 on BB3, the closest an African American came to winning the show was Jameka Cameron in BB8, who finished in 4th place.

All of that changed with CBB2. In this season, 4 out of the final 5 members were African American. The entire final 2 was African American. Not only that, but we had our first African American winner ever. Tamar Braxton accomplished that feat, winning in a 9-0 vote. The other African Americans in this historic final 5 were Kandi Burruss, Ricky Williams, and Lolo Jones.

What moment checks in as the most memorable of 2019? Stay tuned to find out!