What’s streaming this weekend: Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, and more

What will you be watching this weekend? Here are the best shows and new episodes premiering on Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, Netflix and other streaming services.

The arrival of the weekend can only mean two things: Time to party or time to binge-watch the latest show or movie from the comfort of your own home! And if you’re a Hidden Remote reader, chances are your weekends consist of the latter. After work, it’s time to kick off your shoes, slip into something comfortable, and check out what’s streaming this weekend.

Whether you have Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, or another service of the many out there (and more to come), chances are that streaming services are your go-to for watching TV, particularly for binge-watching needs. It’s just so simple and convenient to jump on, scroll through your options, and watch away!

Netflix drops complete seasons in one day (for most of their shows), allowing you to watch all the episodes available in one sitting. Others only release an episode each week. I’m a fan of both methods! Some shows work great as binges, but it’s also a lot of fun taking our time to build up our excitement. It all depends on the series.

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Want to know what’s streaming this weekend? Here are a few of the most popular shows to watch: 

Netflix: Our top pick at Netflix is Medical Police. This is a dark comedy from the creators of the equally twisted dramedy, Children’s Hospital. It follows two American doctors (portrayed by Erinn Hayes and Rob Huebel) working in a pediatric hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil. When they discover the start of a life-threatening virus, they set out on a mission to stop the outbreak.

Disney Plus: We’ve got two recommendations for you, the live action Aladdin film and all three seasons of The Runaways. This is the first time Aladdin is available on streaming, while The Runaways (a Hulu original) is now joining the Disney Plus lineup with all three of its seasons.

Apple TV: Looking for a binge-watch? Check out The Morning Show. The first season has already wrapped so all episodes are available to watch. And if horror is more of your thing, watch Servant. There are nine episodes out so far, the season finale is next week!

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Hulu: If you want a long, long binge-watch, how about Homeland (seasons 6-7)? They become available today, Jan. 10. Shows that premiered on network TV earlier this week are also now streaming on Hulu, such as the NBC premiere of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. Check it out!

HBO Now: There’s not much going on here at the moment, but this month has seen the release of several great movies. Some of our favorites include John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, Les Miserables, and American Animals.

Amazon Prime Video: Watch the movie that caused all that commotion, Midsommar streams on the service Jan. 10!

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What will you be streaming this weekend? Did we miss a great movie or TV series coming this weekend (or already out)? Let us know!