Florence Pugh’s top 10 performances of all time (so far)

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10. Malevolent

Original Release Date: October 5, 2018

Box Office: Malevolent was released on Netflix so it didn’t get a traditional box office return.

Critical Acclaim: Malevolent is one of the few movies on Florence’s resume that was panned by critics. Audiences were slightly more forgiven but most people seemed to agree the movie was forgettable overall.

About the Role: Florence plays Angela Sayers, one half of a brother-sister duo that enjoys faking paranormal encounters for money.

Simply the Best: Even though Malevolent won’t blow the socks off any horror fans, it’s still a fun movie to watch and as usual, Florence is great in it. She plays the “medium” in her and her brother’s scamming business.

They use their late mother’s reputation as a way to fuel the fire surrounding the rumors about her preternatural abilities. Jack, Angela’s brother, is intent on their scheming business tactics because he’s seriously in debt. Together, they make for a competent duo, if not an entirely wise one.

But when Angela starts to experience genuine hauntings, she becomes worried that she might be going down the same route as her mother. That feeling is elevated when their latest target might be hiding something far more deadly than any scam.

The film also stars Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Scott Chambers, Georgina Bevan, James Cosmo, and Celia Imrie.

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