Like a Boss movie: Why is everyone hating on the power of BFFs?

Like a Boss movie premiered just before the weekend and critics haven’t stopped ripping into it, why is everyone hating on the power of BFFs?

January may be known as the month that releases mediocre movies, but, if you ask me, Like a Boss is not one of these. The comedy surprised me and had me entertained, laughing, and relating to the events. I seem to be alone, though, as critics over at Rotten Tomatoes have given it a rotten score of 20% — ouch! Did they grow up without any best friends? That may be the case.

Jokes aside, audiences have been kinder to the movie as their score is 65% fresh, seems audiences enjoyed the movie a lot more. Others have called it “clumsy,” “ridiculous,” and “sappy.” Well, excuse me! What’s wrong with a little bit of all three to start off the year with?

While agree with some of the criticism and can’t say this movie is a must-see or that I highly recommend it, it’s not nearly half as bad as most critics are making it out to be. Like a Boss has plenty of laughs and offers audiences a good time.

If we were to compare the movie against all other January films, however (Underwater, for example), this one is a gem! If you are into Tiffany Haddish’s humor, know that you’ll be laughing along to the misadventures of Mel (Rose Byrne) and Mia (Haddish).

Those who grew up with a best friend or two who they continue to have a strong bond with today, will relate to the power of friendship and sisterhood.

Salma Hayek also delivers a hilariously silly performance as Claire Luna. Billy Porter is wonderful as Barrett, and Jennifer Coolidge is once again her charming self! Overall, it’s a fun cast you’ll love to see together.

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Like a Boss is now playing in theaters.