3 major takeaways from the Manifest Season 2, Episode 3 promo

Manifest is focused on how to save everyone from their Death Date. Here are the top takeaways from the Manifest Season 2, Episode 3 promo to see what to expect.

Now that we know who Grace’s Baby Daddy is, we can focus more on the Death Date that’s looming over the passengers of Flight 828. However, there’s someone else’s Death Date to come first. And that’s what the Manifest Season 2, Episode 3 promo focuses on.

Zeke is trapped behind bars, unable to do anything to save his own life. Michaela is trying, but things aren’t looking good. Will we end up saying goodbye to Zeke, leaving the fears in the air for the Stone family and other passengers on Flight 828?

Let’s take a look at the Manifest Season 2, Episode 3 promo. It doesn’t give too much away, but there are takeaways to consider.

I’ll leave you with the promo first. After all, you’ll want to take another look to see what I’m about to break down!

I’m also going to give you the synopsis for the episode, titled “False Horizon.” While I’m not breaking too much of this down, it will give you another look at things to expect in the upcoming episode.

The Stone Family struggles to unlock their mysterious wave of frightening 828 callings, while the person who may be key to solving them is trapped behind bars. Meanwhile, a shocking and disturbing incident leads Grace to suspect a local mom is in danger.

Let’s get into the breakdown. If you consider trailer breakdowns spoilers, you’re in the wrong place!

3. Someone else wants to study Zeke

Michaela is heading to the prison to get Zeke, but she’s too late. Someone else wants Zeke, and it’s clear that he’s to be studied. So, who wants him?

My theory is that this is connected to The Major. She’s learning a lot from Saanvi, and she’s going to use that information for her own gain. Whatever she wants to understand about the passengers of 828 isn’t clear just yet, but Zeke is the place to start.

2. Is Michaela getting a calling of Zeke’s death?

In the promo, we watch as Zeke flatlines and we end up back on the plane with Michaela and Zeke. Is it possible that the plane with Zeke on it is some sort of calling about his death? Is Michaela seeing things that are to come, that she’s going to lose Zeke?

This could just be good cutting, but so far Manifest has been great at dropping these little hints and clues. Zeke being on the plane means a lot more than just a nightmare. As Cal said in the first season, it’s all connected. So what’s this connection?

1. Zeke’s time is running out

There’s one thing major thing that I’m taking away from the Manifest Season 2, Episode 3 promo. That’s Zeke’s end date is coming up fast. We know that he was only gone for a year, and that year is going to fly by. In fact, it sounds like he’s already lost a good amount of months.

But what I’m worried about is that whatever the drugs are, however people are studying him, it’s all going to speed up the process of death. I’m still thinking back to the reveal in the Episode 2 promo of Zeke suffering from frostbite. His Death Date is coming.

What could this mean for the Stone family? Is this a sign that something can happen to speed up the process? The Stones need Zeke to be able to understand more about the Death Date. If they lose him, they lose a lot of hope in figuring out how to save themselves.

What do you take from the Manifest Season 2, Episode 3 promo? What are you excited to see in the upcoming episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Manifest continues on Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.