Good Trouble: 5 burning questions after the midseason premiere

Good Trouble returned to Freeform with a shocking midseason premiere. Here are five burning questions we have for the rest of Season 2.

Spoiler alert: This post contains details from Good Trouble Season 2, Episode 11.

Death, revenge, love, jealousy, passion, surprises, and a whole lot of trouble. Good Trouble‘s return to Freeform seemingly had it all. There certainly was no shortage of gasps and jaw-drops during the hour. Now that the groundwork has been laid for new storylines to develop, we have many questions for what’s to come in back half of Season 2.

Who killed Tate?

Let’s cut right to the chase with undoubtedly the most shocking moment of the midseason opener. Judge Wilson’s son, Tate, was found dead as a result of a drug overdose. Callie conveniently got wrapped up into the Judge’s business when he received the call right after their tense discussion regarding Malika. Judge Wilson is determined to find out who sold his son the laced drugs and he wants Callie’s assistance in getting to the bottom of it.

With memories of her biological mother resurfacing, Callie preached to Jude about avoiding drug use due to the possibility of other deadly substances being factored in. Now Callie will play investigator as we assume she’ll follow through with Wilson’s request to track down a potential suspect. Will she eventually discover a mutual connection responsible for Tate’s death?

Did Malika sleep with Dennis?

I’m under the impression that we are only being teased with the idea that Malika slept with Dennis. After making her clapback video with Gael, Davia knocked on Dennis’ door only to find a tired Malika at the entryway and a shirtless Dennis passed out in bed. I believe Davia’s perspective was meant to lead us on, or at least I’m hoping.

Dennis and Malika’s night of drinking likely didn’t lead to anything, but what if it did? Malika was on the rocks with her boyfriend after her legal trouble, so it’d make sense if she was looking for a way to cope with everything going on. The same could be said for Dennis, who is officially getting divorced and clearly battling his feelings for Davia. Hopefully this doesn’t become a messy love triangle at the Coterie.

Who will Alice choose?

Speaking of messy love triangles, Alice is now stuck in one with Joey and Lindsay, and maybe even her ex, Sumi. Alice and Joey have been seeing each other for awhile now, but Alice isn’t preventing Joey’s ex, Lindsay, from moving in after the two shared a kiss. What a mess. Does Lindsay just want Sumi? Will Alice have to choose between Joey and Lindsay? I’m not sure I can predict this outcome.

Will Mariana come clean?

Mariana has found herself in a huge pickle at Speckulate after investigating the gender pay gap and pushing a former employee to sue her boss. Internal investigations have begun and now Mariana is battling whether or not to come clean at the risk of many people losing their jobs, including herself.

She’s worked really hard to get this far in her career. It’s hard to imagine she’d throw it away with one confession. My guess is she’ll find a way to keep pushing through the obstacles, but it will come at a cost. Mariana has already lost Evan as a friend and Callie as a roommate. Could that mean Raj is next?

Will Callie and Jamie last?

I’m totally here for Callie and Jamie being the endgame, but I fear that their relationship is already bound to implode. Callie doesn’t seem too interested in living with Jamie permanently, so we have to wonder if the not-so-hidden engagement ring has left her questioning her future. We know that Callie is going to be preoccupied with investigating Tate’s death, which means it’s only a matter of time before her relationship is put on the back-burner.

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What are your burning questions following the midseason premiere? Do you think Callie and Jamie are meant to be? Let us know in the comments below!

Good Trouble Season 2, Episode 11 is now streaming on Freeform and Hulu.