Servant on Apple TV Plus: What we learned from the Season 1 finale

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Servant on Apple TV Plus, photo courtesy Apple TV

During the slow burn Servant season finale, the show finally filled us in on the mystery behind the nanny and baby in the Turner household.

The end of Apple TV+’s Servant, for most viewers, meant a moment of much-needed clarity since we’ve spent an entire season blindly following a story with so many unanswered questions. As M. Night Shyamalan planned, the series is a thriller that uses situations within a Philadelphia brownstone to imply something supernatural is responsible that could easily be explained as otherwise. Most of the season played out with viewers not knowing who to blame for all of the scary bits.

Warning! There are Servant Season 1 spoilers ahead. Finish watching the series if you haven’t already before reading below. 

The season finale didn’t address all the questions that have surmounted, but it did do an excellent job of explaining how the Turner family opened an unusual can of worms. It almost seemed that things went downhill as soon as Leanne was hired to be the nanny of a reborn doll meant to serve as therapy for Dorothy Turner. Sometimes Leanne looked like the initiator of bad things happening, and at other times it seemed that the Turner family had a dark past that may have contributed to more than they were willing to admit.

Here are the most significant revelations from Servant‘s season finale:

Leanne Grayson never died in the fire

Sean discovered during a heart to heart with the creepy and poorly groomed Uncle George that Leanne did not die during the fire that killed her parents. Instead of telling the world that she was still alive, George and May felt it was easier to allow everyone to think she had died. But really, it seems that it was easier for them to keep Leanne to themselves if no one knew she was still alive. However, Leanne’s obsession with the reporter she met continued, which led her to seek Dorothy.

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