4 questions for Family Reunion Season 2

The Netflix series Family Reunion ended with a major cliffhanger in Season 1. Let’s look at some of the questions that have arisen as a result.

Charming Netflix Original Family Reunion emphasizes many important values such as unity, family, and loyalty. Though not as publicized as other Netflix series, this sitcom is clever, funny, and enjoyable.

Luckily for fans of the show, good news has come because Family Reunion has been confirmed  for another season (Parts 3 and 4). This is terrific since the show left off on a major cliffhanger that has sparked some questions about the forthcoming season.

As a reminder, the Family Reunion premise centers around a former NFL star named Moz McKellan (Anthony Alabi) relocating back to small-town Georgia with his family to live with his parents M’Dear (Loretta Devine) and Grandpa (Richard Roundtree). This includes Moz’s wife Cocoa (Tia Mowry) and kids Jade (Talia Jackson), Shaka (Isaiah Russell-Bailey), Mazzi (Cameron J. Wright), and Ami (Jordyn Raya James). Here are several questions for Season 2 of Family Reunion:

Warning: Spoilers for Part 2 of Season 1 below:

What will happen with the McKellans’ finances?

The McKellan family is in big trouble. The word “broke” was thrown out there, spelling uber-bad news for the family. Honestly though, it’s a fault of their own. Between paying four mortgages, Jade’s lavish birthday party, and flying Jade’s friends from Seattle to the party, Moz and Cocoa inflicted some of this damage on their own.

Now, the big question remains, can they survive financially going forward? I mean, they already live with Moz’s parents and would Moz dare ask his mom, M’Dear, for financial assistance? Something in my gut tells me no, but I can always be proved wrong. If the family doesn’t invest in some financial planning (the free kind), they may be doomed.

What will happen with Jade and Royale?

After a fallout with her parents, Jade ran off to be with her opinionated love interest Royale (Tyler Cole), who was heading out to Atlanta. Despite her bold gesture, will their relationship last?  They did proclaim their “I love yous” before Royale was kicked out of Jade’s birthday party. However, one possible thing that could alter their relationship is Royale knowing he would have to keep his relationship with Jade under-the-radar since he is not liked by Moz.

When will Jade be found?

This is perhaps the biggest question heading into Season 2. Jade decided to ditch her own party and run away because her love interest Royale was kicked out. In this case, when Jade is found remains to be seen. Nonetheless, the McKellan family will start Season 2 with major worries in finance and more importantly the whereabouts of their teen daughter. Possible search parties and phone calls are impending. It all depends on whether Jade is responsive to her loved ones at all.

What will happen with Jade and her parents?

When Jade is found, a rocky and strained relationship awaits with her parents considering she ran off to be with Royale. Just how bad will it be though? We could be looking at a “grounded for life” sort of punishment for the teen. However, could this bold move be a reason for Moz and Cocoa to lighten up to Jade and Royale’s relationship?

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Family Reunion Season 1 is currently on Netflix.

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