How to watch Dynasty Season 3, Episode 11 live online

In the latest episode of Dynasty, Alexis gets back in the game to Blake and Cristal’s discontent while Fallon looks to broaden her empire.

Fresh off their pond-soaked fight, Alexis and Cristal are plotting their next moves. Dynasty welcomes Alexis back into the fold with all of her cards on the table. The truth about Mac’s death is out, but Blake and Cristal can’t blow the whistle on Alexis without implicating themselves. In the latest episode, Blake comforts Cristal through the newest fork in the road as he also tries his best to reestablish himself in the wake of his mistrial. Surely, Alexis has a wrench ready to throw.

Elsewhere, having saved Kirby and liberated herself from the Carrington vicious circle, Fallon sets her sights on expanding her empire, which calls for a favor from Culhane. Meanwhile, Sam’s relationship with Fletcher heats up, and Jeff resorts to new methods for his ultimate plan. But here’s the most enticing development: Kirby and Adam strike up the unlikeliest of friendships. You know, they do have being kicked out of the manor in common. Those ties are binding.

Will Cristal strike back at Alexis? How does Blake comfort Cristal, and does it have to do with Alexis and the truth? What’s Alexis’ next move in this precarious chess game? Can she further manipulate the situation to work in her favor, or is her time ticking?

What does Fallon want to do with her brand now, and why does it require a favor from Culhane? Is this an image repair situation to separate herself from her father? How does Jeff amend his plan? Why are Kirby and Adam seemingly aligning, and will this pairing take a turn for the romantic?

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Don’t miss Friday’s all-new episode Dynasty to learn the answers to these questions and more. For a sneak peek at the episode, check out the trailer for Episode 11 in the video below!

Wondering what we can expect from the latest delicious Season 3 episode of Dynasty? Here’s a look at the official synopsis of “A Wound That May Never Heal” via The CW:

With Alexis (Elaine Hendrix) back in the picture, Blake (Grant Show) attempts to comfort Cristal (Daniella Alonso) while he also works to reestablish himself. Fallon (Liz Gillies) decides to expand her empire and seeks a favor from Culhane (Robert Christopher Riley). Sam’s (Rafael De La Fuente) love life continues to heat up, and Jeff is forced to consider lesser options for his plan. Kirby (Maddison Brown) and Adam (Sam Underwood) form an unlikely friendship. 

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How can you watch Dynasty online? For those still itching to get their fix of the first two seasons’ drama, all 22 episodes of both Season 1 and Season 2 are streaming on Netflix. If you’re wondering when Season 3 will be available to rewatch on Netflix, expect the full season to hit your watch list one week after the season finale in May 2020.

But there are plenty more ways to pull up to the Carrington manor and attend the family’s latest raucous party and fiery feud. Here’s how to live stream the deliciously addictive reboot online and makes sure you don’t miss a single soapy second of the third season.

Date: Friday, Jan. 31
Start Time: 9 p.m. ET
Episode: Season 3, Episode 11, “A Wound That May Never Heal”
Channel: The CW
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