3 funniest Ice Cube movies so far

Well-known actor Ice Cube has left his mark on Hollywood in a multitude of ways. Let’s look at the funniest films of the seasoned entertainer.

Ice Cube has been in the game for quite some time. The 50-year-old entertainer may go by Ice Cube, but his real name is O’Shea Jackson. Not only is Ice Cube an accomplished actor, but he’s also a writer, producer, and involved in the music industry as a rapper.

The actor has been starring in films since the 1990s, with his first large film role coming in the 1991 movie Boyz n the Hood. Ever since, it’s just been building a magnificent career in show business for Ice Cube.

The actor has been in contention for numerous different awards as a result of his success. The entertainer’s generally tough demeanor in his movies has not lessened the laughs, however.

Let’s look at Ice Cube’s funniest films:

Friday (1995)

Lazy buddies Craig Jones (Ice Cube) and Smokey (Chris Tucker) have run out of things to do in their L.A. neighborhood. Craig just got the boot at work and Smokey hasn’t been doing much anyway. It’s going to be a long Friday for the two close pals. Or is it?

The two buddies manage to land themselves in a heap of trouble after a run-in with a drug dealer results in them needing to hand over some cash with the consequence being getting killed. Now, the unemployed friends must save their own lives on this hectic Friday which also sees them confronting an intimidating man named Deebo (Tiny Lister Jr.) and Craig’s dream girl Debbie (Nia Long).

This film is succeeded by two equally funny flicks, Next Friday and Friday After Next, which released in 2000 and 2002. Another film in the series, Last Friday, is expected to be released in the future.

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Are We There Yet? (2005)

Single man Nick Persons (Ice Cube) may have just found the woman he has been waiting for, Suzanne Kingston (Nia Long). Now, determined to do whatever it takes to prove his worth, Persons agrees to do a simple favor and pick up her two rowdy kids, Kevin (Philip Daniel Bolden) and Lindsey (Aleisha Allen), and drop them off at the airport so they can join their mother in Vancouver.

Nevertheless, intentional problems (caused by the kids) ensue and Nick is forced to drive from Oregon all the way up to British Columbia with two kids who are not so fond of him. The drive turns out to be filled with crazy obstacles and dilemmas, including huge damages to Nick’s new SUV. This prompts the question from the kids and Nick, are we there yet?! The hilarious sequel Are We Done Yet? released in 2007.

Ride Along (2014)

Tough cop James Payton (Ice Cube) faces an unexpected challenge when Ben Barber (Kevin Hart), the goofy boyfriend of his sister Angela (Tika Sumpter), attempts to join the police force in their town of Atlanta.

Barber is a security guard, so James decides to frighten and knock some sense into the immature man by taking him on what’s called a ride-along. Little does Ben know that James is working on a serious case with a dangerous criminal named Omar (Laurence Fishburne) involved. As the danger escalates and the seriousness intensifies, Ben realizes he can learn, prove himself, and help James even though he’s an amateur! The comical sequel featuring Hart and Ice Cube released in 2016.

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