Super Bowl LIV: How to stream the game online or watch on TV

The biggest day in the NFL has arrived! Super Bowl LIV kicks off today and Americans are ready with snacks, finger foods and, hopefully, a good network or internet connection. Here’s how to watch.

For this year’s Super Bowl, are you headed to a local bar or restaurant, a friend’s party, or hosting your own? Whatever the case may be, chances are you are ready for all the action. From placing friendly bets on the winner, to judging the half-time show, we can’t wait! But if you waited until the last minute to figure out all the details (such as, which network will this even be on?), we’re here to help!

There are many ways and networks to stream the Super Bowl through. Below, we list several, along with other details such as times. Many of you are only here to get details on the half-time show and have no clue who is playing the Super Bowl tonight. And hey, we’re not here to judge! We’ve got all the information.

Playing tonight are: The San Francisco 49ers against the Kansas City Chiefs. Who are you rooting on? It’s going to be one exciting game.

Performing on the half-time show are: Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. There are rumors of other stars making an appearances, so we’ll have to watch live to find out! More than the game, I believe the half-time show is watched with a more judgeful eye. I fully believe Shakira and J. Lo are going to be amazing, though!

Where to watch: Let’s get the obvious answers out of the way, first. Super Bowl LIV will be broadcasted on CBS. If you have regular cable or satellite, simply find the CBS network and enjoy. However, if you have cut the cord, here’s where to stream CBS online live:

The above online sources all offer free trials, so if you sign up you can potentially stream the game for free! Fox Sports is also streaming the game, head HERE for more information on this. Be sure to also check the NFL app, NFL Fantasy, their mobile site, and Yahoo Sports.

What time does the game begin? Tune in at 5:30 p.m. Central! We’re not sure at what time the half-time show will begins as times vary depending on the game.

Where will you be watching?