Watch Good Trouble Season 2, Episode 14 live online

Callie, Mariana, and Alice are the focal point of Good Trouble Season 2, Episode 14. Here’s everything you need to know and how to watch live.

The Adams Foster sisters found themselves at a crossroads in “Daylight,” but luckily they still have their jobs and relationships in tact (for now). Callie made the bold decision to move out of Jamie’s place and move back to the Coterie, only to find Mariana has replaced her with a roommate – a friend of Gael’s. Meanwhile, Mariana confessed to leaking Speckulate’s wages, but she didn’t get fired and was able to talk with Evan about their issues. Good trouble, right?

So, what can we expect from “In Good Conscience?”

Callie’s difficult decisions

The primary areas of Callie’s life aren’t doing so hot right now, and there’s a fear that isn’t changing anytime soon. Episode 14 will explore where Callie stands in the Anwei International case. This is the same case that Jamie is representing on the opposing side. Now that she’s trying to move out to alleviate the conflict of interest, it’ll be interesting to see how they balance their relationship. Until the case is over, and probably even after, there will always be a huge elephant in the room.

Mariana’s app launch

Now that we know Mariana will remain at Speckulate, she is moving forward with the launch of her app despite Evan’s previous plea to have it fail. If you thought her recent conflict with Evan would prevent the two from taking their work relationship to a new level, well…Let’s just say things are going to get confusing.

In the official promo, Mariana states that she had a steamy sex dream about Evan, though she makes it known she’s still very much into Raj. And Raj isn’t oblivious to the developments, so will he call either one of them out?

Alice’s road trip

Alice has tried doing everything in her power to keep Sumi and Lindsey separated, but this episode will prove that’s impossible. The synopsis reveals that Alice’s relationship with Joey may be in jeopardy when Alice’s lies come to light during a road trip with Sumi and Lindsey. Talk about an interesting trio.

It appears this road trip is for stand-up comedy purposes, but we don’t yet know why Sumi is tagging along. Will Alice’s mission ultimately fail?

Check out the promo for Good Trouble Season 2, Episode 14 right here:

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Below are the live stream details for how you can watch Good Trouble tonight. If you can’t catch it live, be sure to check it out on Hulu the next day!

Date: Wednesday, Feb. 5
Start Time: 10/9 C
Episode: Season 2, Episode 14, “In Good Conscience”
TV Channel: Freeform
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