Grey’s Anatomy Season 16, Episode 12: Family dinner gone wrong?

Jackson and Maggie reunite at a family dinner that will be full of awkwardness. Here’s how to watch Grey’s Anatomy Season 16, Episode 12 live.

Grey’s Anatomy is back in full swing with consecutive episodes that are driving storylines forward into the spring season. Meredith and DeLuca have yet to rekindle their flame, but it looks like they’ll be working with Bailey on a patient’s mystery health problems. Amelia has informed Link that he may not be the father of her baby, but the two did agree to have a paternity test done in the near future.

Going into Episode 12, appropriately titled “The Last Supper,” we are anxiously anticipating the future of Richard and Catherine’s marriage after their last conversation ended on a speculative note. Here’s everything we know.

Is this the last supper?

Richard and Catherine have a bit of figuring out to do, so they are inviting their respective children, Maggie and Jackson, to join them for what appears to be an anniversary dinner. To avoid the awkwardness, or to set up more, Jackson is inviting Vic from Station 19 to join the fun. As if that wasn’t enough, Vic is inviting fellow firefighter, Dean Miller.

Expect all kinds of snarky comments and awkward interactions as the six personalities navigate how to handle this unique situation. Grey’s Anatomy has put together amazing and powerful dinner scenes before, so I have no doubt this will be another epic inclusion.

More Schmico!

Season 16 has lacked an abundance of scenes highlighting Nico and Levi’s relationship. Sure, we’ve seen them kissing here and there, and the midseason premiere featured a cute moment to help cure Levi’s broken heart, but there’s clearly been a lack of depth. It’s not a huge surprise as there’s several other stories that have taken precedence, but Episode 12 will finally shine some light on this fan-favorite couple.

Jake Borelli confirmed via Twitter that “The Last Supper” will dive into Levi Schmitt’s backstory outside of the hospital as he and Nico go “on a trip to visit an ailing family member.” It’s unclear who this family member is, but it sounds like their off-time from work will be spent learning more about each other, and I’m here for it.

No other information has been provided for this episode, so expect this hour to primarily focus on the family dinner and Levi’s backstory. Check out the juicy promo right here:

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Date: Thursday, Feb. 6
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Episode: Season 16, Episode 12, “The Last Supper”
TV Channel: ABC
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