What to watch on Netflix this weekend: Horse Girl, Locke & Key and more

As you get ready to unwind for the weekend, you may be wondering what Netflix has for you to watch. Here are our top recommendations!

While other streaming services severely lack in new content, Netflix is not one of these! You may have run out of TV shows and movies to watch on Disney Plus or have binged that all Apple TV Plus has to offer and are wondering what else there is to check out. Well, nothing to worry about, because Netflix has plenty!

From TV shows and movies that premiered earlier this month to new content streaming this weekend, here’s what not to miss out on:

Horse GirlThis movie follows Sarah (Alison Brie), a young woman who is a bit awkward socially, despite her efforts to make friends. Still, Sarah feels content with her small circle, working at an arts and crafts store, and watching her favorite crime drama series, Purgatory. Everything is fine, until Sarah begins to have strange dreams that are so bizarre, she no longer knows what’s real and what’s a vision.

Locke & KeyAfter the mysterious death of their father, the Locke family move into their ancestral home, the Keyhouse. It doesn’t take long for the three siblings to realize there’s something in the house that needs to be unlocked, and it may have to do with the death of their father. The series stars Darby Stanchfield, Jackson Robert Scott, and Connor Jessup.

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The PharmacistIf you love crime dramas and documentaries from Netflix, you’ll enjoy The Pharmacist! The documentary follows pharmacist Dan Schneider, whose son was shot and killed while buying drugs. Dan solved his son’s murder by taking on the case himself, exposing a corrupt pharmacist who has been abusing her license to sell opioids to teens.

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What will you be watching this weekend on Netflix? Did we miss a great movie or TV show we should be adding to this list?