Dynasty power rankings: Fallon and Liam *aren’t* in the mood for a bad idea

The battle lines have been drawn on Dynasty as Blake and Jeff duke it out over Carrington Atlantic and Falliam fights about their future.

If you thought war had already been declared on Dynasty, you haven’t seen anything yet. Blake and Jeff continue their push and pull as the satisfaction of owning Carrington Atlantic becomes the driving force of both businessmen. Spite plays a leading role in this war, with Jeff’s condition coming under fire and Blake hastily (desperately?) aligning with Dominque. This war has only just begun.

Meanwhile, Fallon and Liam instigate a war of their own, but one that’s much more domestic. When Fallon poses as a married mother to score her dream home, question marks surrounding their future suddenly erupt like grenades. From powerful to powerless, we’re ranking Carrington manor’s best and brightest on their quest for control. Here’s how the power struggle stacked up in the latest episode of Dynasty Season 3. (Warning: Spoilers ahead!)

1. Dominique

She’s back from New York, rejuvenated and ready to stir every pot she can get her hands on. Nobody does it like Dominque, all the girls want what she has! She returns from her travels and immediately tangles with Alexis, losing out on a place to stay. But she’s not making that mistake again.

For whatever reason, she gets Culhane drunk and sleeps with him, even though he had been involved with her stepdaughter Vanessa (more on that in the honorable mentions). Dominique also weasels her way into snagging a room at the manor by helping Blake pull one over on Jeff and Alexis. She’s a messy bench who lives for drama, and we live for her.

2. Fallon

Our girl knows how to bounce back from a loss. In the previous episode, Fallon’s ideas went up in literal flames. But unlike Kirby, Fallon isn’t in the mood for a bad idea. Well, not until her latest bad idea passes. Fallon has her sites set on buying the house she dreamed of as a child and goes so far as to woo the seller by weeding out the competition and renting a minivan and children to tick the family box.

Unbeknownst to Fallon, Liam struggles with the lie because he doesn’t want kids. This disconnect rocks Falliam’s boat until they compromise on seeing where life takes them, sans dream house.

Dynasty — “Battle Lines” — Image Number: DYN312a_0242b.jpg — Pictured: Michael Michele as Dominique — Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

3. Blake

You hate to see a scumbag like Blake Carrington hold power, but wow did he show up Jeff and Alexis big time. How he went from all alone at breakfast to lording a major business deal over his enemies is astonishing. But you shouldn’t put anything past a man with a get out of jail free card.

The second Blake learns of Jeff and Alexis’ plan to scoop up Carrington Atlantic, he does some snooping of his own and learns of Jeff’s condition and imminent purchase of a pharmaceutical company. Of course, Blake buys the pharma company, halts research on Jeff’s condition, and holds it as a bargaining chip for Carrington Atlantic. How sick, depraved, and everything you want from a soap!

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4. Jeff

You snooze, you lose, Jeff! He really likes to fancy himself a power player, but he does work rather slowly, doesn’t he? Make those deals faster, babe. Even though Blake has control of his whole future, Jeff resolves to purchase a different pharmaceutical company and refuses to let go of Carrington Atlantic.

You know what? Jeff’s smart. You don’t give in to bullies. Don’t give them what they want, especially when what they want comes with a toxic ultimatum. Jeff might not hold much power, but he’s got his eyes on the prize. Let’s just hope he lives long enough to get it.

Dynasty Season 3 Episode 12

Dynasty — “Battle Lines” — Image Number: DYN312a_0150b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Grant Show as Blake, Elaine Hendrix as Alexis and Sam Adegoke as Jeff — Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

5. Kirby (?)

That question mark is LOADED. Did Kirby hold power this week? We can probably all agree that pursuing Adam as a romantic partner is all kinds of crazy, even for a person who insists that she didn’t (!!!) voluntarily join a cult.

But let’s play devil’s advocate here for a second, okay. Let’s look at the facts: We know Kirby isn’t stupid despite the cult thing (can’t let it go!).

Could her crush on Adam have a longer game than she’s letting on? Honestly, it’s doubtful. She saw his abs and her tongue rolled onto the floor like a cartoon character. (Honestly, same…) But if she is plotting something, we’ll give her credit if/when it’s due.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Last week, Cristal put in a phone call to her brother to help “take care” of Alexis. This week, she takes a trip to Mexico and “gets what she needs.” Ominous? Yes.
  • Culhane makes terrible decisions. The only good things that happen to him are things that people give him, like shares of the Atlantix. Yet again, he makes bad choices and sleeps with Dominique. The very next day, Vanessa comes back ready to make a commitment. He did it to himself!
  • Just one more note on Falliam: How adorable was it when Fallon admitted that she would choose Liam over having children? While that could lead to resentment, it’s a huge showing of true love and her character development. Fallon has come a long way, folks.
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Dynasty airs Fridays at 9/8c on The CW.

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