Saturday Night Live: Watch SNL Season 45, Episode 13

Ready for an all-new episode of Saturday Night Live tonight? Below, we’ve got the details on who’s hosting, performing, and SNL tune-in information!

How much have you enjoyed Saturday Night Live so far this season, on a scale of Kenan Thompson and Kate McKinnon? After such an intense week filled with horrible news, we’re ready to unwind with laughter. Who will be hosting, who’ll perform, and how can you be sure not to miss a minute of the laughs as well as live tweets? Read on for all the SNL details you need.

So far this season, Adam Driver and and Harry Styles have had some memorable performances, in my opinion. Who has been your favorite? There are still many more to come, and tonight will see RuPaul host, with Justin Bieber performing songs from his new album. What are you most looking forward to?

RuPaul stars in the Netflix comedy drama AJ and the Queen, so we can’t wait to see more of his comedy chops. And which songs are you hoping Justin Bieber performs?

Check out a teaser to get you hyped for tonight!

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Ready to watch tonight’s all-new episode of Saturday Night Live? If you want to catch all the laughs first, you have to see it live. Do you prefer watching live with and sharing comments about it on social media or catch the sketches later on YouTube? Live is always better!

Ready for all the details you need to know to be sure you don’t miss a minute?:

Date: Saturday, Feb. 8
Start Time: 10:30 p.m. Central
Episode: Season 45, Episode 13 with RuPaul and Justin Bieber
Where to watch: NBC | NBC Online | Hulu | Sling | More

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Are there any performers and celebrities on your wishlist you’d like to see this season? Let us know who you would love to see take over the stage as there are many more episodes left in Season 45!