The Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot to be directed by Tohill brothers

Ryan and Andy Tohill are now the directors of Legendary’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot. What do we know so far?

Brothers Ryan and Andy Tohill were eyed by Legendary to take on the role of directors for its reboot of the 1974 horror classic, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Well, it seems like the talks went well, according to Variety.

Andy took to Twitter to post a pic of the two clinking glasses, kicking back, and watching the Tobe Hooper classic. The prospect of the two taking on this role has been pretty well-received with a lot of congratulations thrown their way by fans.

This director role here is a crowning achievement for most anyone, but especially the brothers as it’s only their second time directing a feature film. Andy has mostly worked on shorts and editing documentaries. Ryan followed a similar path, he’s but has also been part of the art team of multiple projects. 2018’s award-winning The Dig was their first feature-length directorial outing together.

The Dig followed Ronan Callahan, a murderer who served his time, as he returns to his family ranch with intentions to sell the property and leave the past in the past. This plan was halted, though, when he encounters his victim’s father who, for the past 15 years, has been digging on the land in attempts to find his daughter’s body. Knowing he probably won’t leave until the body is found, Callahan aids in digging. The film garnered tons of praise and even won the Galway Film Fleadh’s Best Feature Film, and Newport Beach Film Festival’s Breakthrough Award and Jury Award.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a 1974 horror starring the likes of Marilyn Burns and Death House’s Gunnar Hansen. The story follows Sally Hardesty, her brother, and a few friends taking a trip to visit the grave of her dead father, this being spurred on because of reported grave robbers and vandalism. The movie is a cult classic hack-and-slash horror.

The story for the reboot has been under wraps. Fans aren’t even sure if it will follow the same concept or if it will toss its own modern spin on the chainsaw-wielding psycho story.

While I’m not a huge horror fan myself (I much prefer a good comedy and/or animation), I think it could bring nostalgia back to those who fell in love with the hack-and-slash genre if it’s done right. If not, we can always chalk it up as yet another in a long list of reboots that couldn’t live up to its original.

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What do you think about the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre directors? Are you ready for a reboot? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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