Where to stream Birds of Prey, starring Margot Robbie

Waiting to see Birds of Prey from home instead of in theaters? Here’s where to watch it once it leaves the big screen!

Birds of Prey is underperforming in theaters, according to many critics. The comic book movie about Harley Quinn is being compared to similar budget films, other movies in the genre, and R-rated flicks. While I wouldn’t call it a flop, I do believe critics and fans were expecting this movie to become the next big blockbuster.

If you haven’t seen the movie in theaters because you feel discouraged after reading negative reviews or don’t want to risk not enjoying it since there is no hype, we get it. Movies can be pretty expensive nowadays, and you don’t want to hand over your hard-earned money only to end up regretting it. So if you are waiting for the movie to stream so you can watch it online, here’s when to expect to find it.

Where to stream: Though many movies have left us guessing and wondering where they’ll end up after leaving theaters, Birds of Prey is rather simple. The movie is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, which debuts HBO Max this summer. That said, our best bet is to find the movie on the HBO Max streaming service as they’ll likely obtain streaming rights.

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When to stream: As for when this will happen, it typically takes an average of 8-12 months from the premiere date for a movie to go to a streaming service. Though over a year is common, as well. It all depends on the popularity of the movie, and, unfortunately, Birds of Prey may not be in theaters for too long.

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Do you plan on subscribing to HBO Max when it debuts this summer? We sure will! And we can’t wait to get our eyes on all the exclusive content this new streaming service will come with.

Birds of Prey is now playing in theaters everywhere.