Watch Manifest Season 2, Episode 6 live online

Saanvi decides it’s time to test on herself to stop the Death Date. Here’s how to watch Manifest Season 2, Episode 5 live on NBC.

With the Death Date approaching, Saanvi needs to take some drastic measures. Here’s how to watch Manifest Season 2, Episode 6 to see how it all plays out.

We see in the promo that Saanvi has decided to test something on herself. She needs to do something to stop the Death Date, but we don’t get to know what that “something” is. What we do get to see is that she’s willing to inject herself with something.

Not only is this dangerous for Saanvi, but there’s a chance that this is dangerous for everyone. We get a flash of that calling that’s been threatening to happen since the start of the season. Saanvi, Michaela, and Ben are back on Flight 828 and it looks like it may have crashed.

However, the entire episode isn’t going to be focused on this one storyline. There’s a passenger on Flight 828 that needs Ben and Saanvi’s help. He’s been closed off since emotionally since time traveling, and now it’s time for him to reunite with his family.

One thing has been consistent about Manifest Season 2. We’ve seen the Stones and others “save” the passengers, but not from the Death Date. They’re saving the passengers from themselves or their losses after five years of not being around.

Meanwhile, Michaela needs to help Zeke. His past is threatening to come back and cause problems.

Check out the Manifest Season 2, Episode 6 promo and synopsis to get ready for tonight.

Ben and Saanvi orchestrate a family reunion for an emotionally closed-off Flight 828 passenger; meanwhile, Olive drifts further away from her family, and Michaela finds herself out on a limb when Zeke’s past threatens to destroy his new life.

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Date: Feb. 10
Start Time: 10/9c
Episode: Season 2, Episode 6, “Return Trip”
TV Channel: NBC
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2