Will Sonic break the dreaded video game movie curse?

Could the Sonic The Hedgehog movie break the video game movie curse?

We all remember the reaction online when Sonic The Hedgehog was revealed to be getting a movie. A lot of yeses, a lot of nos, and a lot of whys? Sonic has been a hit and miss game character ever since he got into the 3D space, so making a movie based on him was a bit odd, but in my opinion, welcome if it’s done right.

We all probably remember the iffy feelings we had when Sonic was revealed to be a part of Paramount Pictures’ lineup and more so when his original design was revealed to the public (I’ll never forget those teeth). I don’t think many miss that old design, it was way too human-looking than a blue, fast-running, CGI hedgehog had to look.

His eyes were too human, he had white paws rather than gloves, his shoes were weirdly realistic, and once again… those teeth were way too human-looking. This design was all in a bid to make Sonic more human-like, which they did do remotely successfully, albeit almost crossing into uncanny valley territory.

Now, while this sounds like it would be a point against them (which it would have been), its director, Jeff Fowler, came out and announced they’d be doing a redesign of Sonic, this effectively meant redoing the entire movie and pushing its release date, but he felt fans deserved better.

After a while of waiting, fans got to see the new design which looked far more faithful to the blue blur’s source material. It came complete with a whole new trailer with a lot better of a reveal in terms of its story. From the clips I’ve seen of the movie, I think it has a chance at being a good video game-based movie, which has been so far in the “miss” category, I along with many others, worry when a movie adaptation of a video game is revealed. With Sonic, though, after its trailer and clips seeped its way to the internet, I can’t be too sure it will flop like so many others or rise to the top.

The story itself is generic, Sonic comes to Earth from his home and causes a power surge. This caused the government to bring on the help of Dr. Robotnik, who’s played by Jim Carrey might I add, to capture the source of this surge.

On one hand, I believe the movie will be subpar at best with a chunk of Sonic The Hedgehog fans clamoring to it as an excellent example of a video game movie adaptation, I can also see it surpassing many others in the past, the fact they took the character design criticism seriously makes me think they want to give something fans will enjoy, including its lead actor.

There is, though, the possibility it will be just a bad movie altogether with nothing more than two or three chuckle-worthy jokes sprinkled into a generic story and a dependence on fans’ love for the franchise. Overall, time will tell, but for now, in my opinion, it won’t fix the “curse,” but I think it will at least be better than others before it. If you want to see it for yourself, Sonic The Hedgehog is coming to theaters on February 14.

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Do you think Sonic The Hedgehog will break the curse or will it fall victim to it like so many others?