Superstore express lane: The 5 best jokes in Season 5, Episode 15

Valentine’s Day brings tension to Cloud 9 as corporate gives the staff a cereal bar and Dina falls for a store scammer in a super lovable Superstore.

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day on Superstore, but it’s the love for cereal. When Cloud 9’s new parent company, Zephra, gifts their break room with a cereal bar, the employees are all about the all-you-can-eat cereal situation. However, Jonah, as he’s wont to do, sees through the corporate ploy of distraction. In the midst of Valentine’s dates and chocolates, Amy and Jonah butt heads over how to handle being grateful for what they’re given and wanting to ask for more.

But love really might be in the air for Dina, who tends to her favorite hobby of store security and nearly walks away with a new boyfriend. When the connection between Dina and a store scammer grows far too kinetic, Cheyenne must step in to control a sexual tension that can’t be tamed.

Elsewhere in the store, Garrett works harder at trying to score paid time off than he does at doing his own job, which merely ends up riling up Glenn enough to share his true feelings about Ellen DeGeneres’ dancing.

Let’s recap the latest episode of Superstore with the five best jokes from “Cereal Bar.”

1. “Free cereal? Boy, you can really tell we work for a tech company now, huh?”

During the morning meeting, Amy introduces Zephra’s upgrade for the break room: a cereal bar. It’s a welcome gift from Cloud 9’s new parent company, intended to stoke motivation in the employees — or so Amy believes. But Jonah’s a bit more jaded after the downfall of his unionization efforts. He believes the cereal bar to be a distraction, the absolute bare minimum. Where’s the livable wage and healthcare? Amy insists not to rock the boat. Just pour another bowl of Fruit Loops!

2. “And have her first impression of us be Veruca Salt barking out orders? ‘But daddy, I want health insurance now!'”

Despite Amy’s protests and robot-like dedication to the new Zephra manifesto, Jonah continues to question the company’s intentions. Keira, the CEO of Zephra, will be calling in for a video conference with the staff, and Jonah suggests asking the boss the hard questions about the rights the workers lack. Again, Amy sticks to her optimistic guns and thinks it’s best to hold off on hitting their new boss with demands right out of the gate. In the middle of the call, Jonah begins to address his concerns when Keira opens the floor, but Amy cuts him off.

Superstore Season 5 Episode 15

SUPERSTORE — “Job Satisfaction” Episode 515 — Pictured: Ben Feldman as Jonah — (Photo by: Patrick Wymore/NBC)

3. “I don’t like criminals, okay? But try telling that to my heart and my hot pocket.”

If there’s one thing Dina loves more than her birds (may they rest in peace), it’s catching criminals. Finally, she spots the man who has been returning bogus items to the store (a real nod to Good Girls) approaching Garrett at customer service. She cautiously asks the scammer, Benny, to join her in the back room to complete his return, where she lays down the law. However, she didn’t expect their sexual tension to hit the ceiling. Dina calls in Cheyenne to keep things professional, but she can’t blow out this flame. Although Dina gives in, she makes sure Benny leaves in the back of a cop car.

4. “I once drove a palette of Mentos into a stack of colas. I though it was the rapture.”

Garrett drops by Mateo’s new revamped closet office for his duties as Amy’s assistant, where he spills all of the store tea. He’s become privy to insane amounts of gossip, including Carol getting paid leave for her dodgy indiscretions. When Garrett learns that Carol’s getting paid during her suspension, he decides to give suspension a shot. First, he throws a laundry detergent pod container on the floor in front of Glenn, but that doesn’t faze him. Garrett’s next attempts at feigning mental distress also fail to make Glenn sign off on his paid leave. Guess he’ll have to keeping dreaming of that free day to not shower and eat pizza!

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5. “I think Ellen DeGeneres dances too much and it’s unprofessional!”

Before Garrett shows his cards, Glenn holds open a safe space for airing out their worries, such as his honest opinions about Ellen’s dancing. But it pales in comparison to Sandra’s resolve to make her demand for self-driving cars known to Keira.

Sandra drives to another store in the area to crash their video conference with the boss, leading Amy and Jonah to track her down and stop her from rocking the boat. Rock the boat she does, and it forces Zephra to give Cloud 9 employees 50% off Lyfts to work. Finally, Amy and Jonah can enjoy their Valentine’s Day in peace.

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