Is Dynasty new on Friday, Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day?

Is Dynasty new on Valentine’s Day? The Carringtons celebrated the holiday early, which means we’ll have to wait for the special black and white episode.

If you’re wondering whether you’ll have the divine pleasure of spending your Valentine’s Day with the Carrington family, you’re in for some heartbreak. Dive into those chocolates early, folks, because Dynasty will be taking the week off. In last week’s episode, the series rang in the holiday of love early with a special secret admirers party at the La Mirage, leading to some startling revelations between Kirby and Adam, who were in the mood for a bad idea.

Even though Dynasty takes the week off for Valentine’s Day, the upcoming all-new episode, which will air on Friday, Feb. 21, has already become one of the most highly anticipated episodes of the series. Maybe more so than the musical episode. “You See Most Things in Terms of Black & White,” as previewed on Elizabeth Gillies’ Instagram, appears to feature black and white sequences, in a nod to noir films, and another musical performance from pop queen Fallon Carrington.

In the official episode synopsis provided by The CW, the “unique episode” finds Blake and Cristal dealing with the aftermath of Dominique moving into the manor in the midst of the continued contentious chess game with Alexis and Jeff. Speaking of Alexis and Jeff, Adam turns to his mother and stepfather for help, and that could either be for his relationship with Kirby or for getting back into the medical field. Could he work at a pharmaceutical company Jeff buys?

Elsewhere in “You See Most Things in Terms of Black & White,” Fallon decides to show her love for Liam, after that botched attempted at purchasing real estate and setting down roots, with a grand gesture. However, a new career opportunity for Liam could threaten to rain on their stability. Back luck in love seems to be going around Atlanta as Sammy Jo gives a “different kind of relationship” (open?) a chance and Kirby continues to pine after Adam’s affections, for better or worse.

Check out a sneak preview at Episode 13 in the trailer below!

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How will Dominique living in the manor shake up the dynamics and rattle Blake and Cristal? Could aligning with her give them a leg up against Jeff and Alexis? Will Jeff and Alexis counterstrike against Blake’s power move? What career opportunity does Liam receive, and what effect will it have on Fallon? Will Kirby and Adam happen? Sam and Fletcher? Culhane and Vanessa?!

Be sure not to miss Dynasty when new episodes return next week to learn answers to these question and more. Also, find out what all of the fuss over the black and white scenes are all about. What do you think will happen? Leave your predictions, thoughts, and feelings in the comments!

Dynasty returns Friday, Feb. 21 at 9/8c on The CW.