Love is Blind on Netflix: How Mark Cuevas became a fan favorite

Love is Blind is now streaming on Netflix and audiences can’t stop gushing about fan favorite Mark Cuevas.

Netflix’s new reality series is now streaming! Love is Blind follows singles searching for love. They get to know each other to see if they are meant to be. Oh, but there is one catch — they can’t see what they each look like! That’s right, they’ll chat and see if they are compatible, but put looks aside. Fans have found their new Netflix series to binge-watch, and the clear favorite single is Mark Cuevas.

Spoiler alert! If you have not yet watched Love is Blind on Netflix, be warned there are spoilers. Watch all the episodes before reading ahead. 

The first five episodes of Love is Blind on Netflix features each single being paired up with the person they believe is their match. Only after they become engage can they meet their fiancé face-to-face and see, for the first time, what they look like. After meeting, they are all whisked away to Cancun, Mexico to get to know each other more.

One of the first singles we meet is Mark Cuevas, and fans are immediately drawn to him. Mark’s a handsome guy! But this is Love is Blind, so what we love most about him is how hard he loves. He adores his family, is a hard worker, is genuinely sweet, caring, and all in with the woman he believes (for now) to be his soulmate, Jessica Batten.

Jessica may have accepted his proposal, but audiences were able to see most of what was happening behind the scenes. We know Mark was not Jessica’s first choice. Mark was all in from the beginning, but Jessica was feeling another single, Barnett, a little more. When Barnett tells Jessica he isn’t sure who he’ll pick, she runs back to Mark.

Now, we aren’t here to bash anyone (we may save this for another article). What we’re here for is to show Mark Cuevas our support! Audiences are defensive and are hoping for the best, but based on teasers for upcoming episodes, it’s not looking too good for Jessica and Mark. Not to mention, his Facebook profile shows that he is single.

Keep your head up, Mark! Here are some supportive tweets from fans: 

Mark truly is too pure for this show!

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How do you feel about the situation? Do you have a favorite single? Tune in Feb. 20 as Netflix will be dropping four more episodes! Who will make it to their wedding?