When is Sonic the Hedgehog on DVD, Blu-ray, Digital?

If you enjoyed Sonic the Hedgehog, here’s when you can own the movie on DVD, Blu-ray, or Digital!

Moviegoers are loving Sonic the Hedgehog! The movie made over the estimated total in theaters and continues to pleasantly surprise audiences. There’s a post-credit scene that teases a sequel to come as well, leaving fans satisfied and looking forward to more. If you can’t wait to re-watch the movie all over again, but would rather not go to theaters to see it, here’s when it’ll arrive on DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital copies.

We understand not wanting to pay to watch Sonic in theaters again. Movies nowadays cost an average of $15. For that money, you might as well just buy the movie to have and watch whenever you’d like. If this is what you are planning to do, we’ve got what you need to know. Or if you haven’t seen the movie just yet, what are you waiting for? Sonic is a must-see family movie. Worth the hype, especially if you grew up with the character and games.

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When is Sonic the Hedgehog on DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital: Movies typically take 3-5 months from their premiere date to arrive on Digital and physical copies. That said, we can expect to see the movie on sale early to mid May 2020. Keep in mind Digital sales go first, so physical copies will follow 2-3 weeks after Digital, we’re thinking mid to late May 2020.

As for when it’ll go to a streaming service such as Netflix or HBO, that won’t be until about a year from now. More information on that, HERE.

Will you buying your own copic of the movie or is watching it once enough for you? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments!

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Sonic the Hedgehog is now playing in theaters.