Love is Blind: 5 reasons why Jessica and Mark won’t get married

Netflix has another reality hit with Love is Blind. There are multiple reasons why Jessica and Mark are very unlikely to join in holy matrimony.

Love is Blind is a travesty of reality television that feels like 90 Day Fiancé aborted. Erstwhile singles are isolated in “pods” where they form emotional connections quicker than a brand new Army Private after his first trip overseas. Nonetheless, we’re all rubberneckers in the digital age.

Will Jessica and Mark be able to overcome their differences and make it to holy matrimony? ((Shakes Magic 8 Ball)) Outlook not so good.

Here are the five primary reasons Mark and Jessica are not going to make it down the aisle.


She still wants Barnett. When the couples all get together, she spends more time side-eyeing the man she didn’t get than hanging out with her fiance. In fact, Mark doesn’t even feel like her fiance. They’re like two people of the opposite sex who just hang out and kiss periodically.

Initial actions

All the other couples are kissing, fawning all over each other. On the other hand, Jessica and Mark are making Love is Blind a bit more friend-zoney.


This one is simple. She’s not attracted to him physically. He’s not physically the man she ever chooses. Even before she said it, we all knew she was the type to immediately gravitate towards superficial physicality.


Simply put, Mark is the second choice. Jessica wanted him after Barnett. Once Barnett started to have his doubts, she got super salty and then really defensive about everything. They’ll both always know Mark was the second option, especially if they happen to watch the reality series in which they both just starred.

More than likely she felt her inner Marisa Tomei, and panicked into a really good option 1B.


She keeps saying the age difference is not an issue, but it obviously is. Otherwise, she wouldn’t keep mentioning it. Additionally, Mark looks young for his age, and she looks a bit older for her age. That generational gap will start to become more and more apparent the longer they are together. It’s not quite Doug Hutchinson and Courtney Stodden, but it’s enough to cause differences.

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The first 9 episodes of Love is Blind are streaming now.