5 major questions after the Good Girls Season 3 premiere

The Good Girls Season 3 premiere delivered answers from the Season 2 finale but left us with may more questions. Here are my five biggest questions.

Okay, hands up if you’ve rewatched the Good Girls Season 3 premiere to make sure you caught every little bit of detail? Yep, me too! I got the chance to watch it ahead of the release for my interview with Manny Montana and I still had to watch it over and over again. It’s that damn good.

While it quickly answered questions we got from the Season 2 finale about that major ending involving Rio, it still left us with some major questions. I’m looking through the burning questions I have right now.

I know you’re expecting a question about that ending. I’m going to look further into the future instead of just at what happened to the FBI agent we loved to hate. Here are my five burning questions from the Good Girls Season 3 premiere.

Caution: We’re going to be talking spoilers for the Good GirlsHulu Season 3 premiere. Catch up on now so you don’t miss out.

5. Why will the women choose to go back to the money?

During the episode, the women decided that they couldn’t use the money they’d made. Agent Turner was still around and made it clear that he’s keeping an eye on Beth. She doesn’t feel safe making the fake money.

But this is Good Girls. Now they know how they’re doing it, they couldn’t possibly just not use the money, right? They need it to pay off mortgages, credit cards, and more. So, what will lead to them going back to the money? I get the feeling it’s linked to Turner’s (likely) death.

4. What is Rio’s plan after all that?

Now Rio is out, he needs to put a plan together. Not only will he have some of his old contacts after him, but he’ll need to go out for revenge against Beth. He could just walk straight up to her house and shoot her, right? What’s stopping him?

Well, it would likely be easy to guess who killed her considering previous actions. Instead, he’s likely to play a longer game. There’s no going back for the two of them, but that doesn’t mean the cat and mouse game isn’t possible.

GOOD GIRLS — “Find Your Beach” Episode 301 — Pictured: (l-r) Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland, Jackie Cruz as Rhea — (Photo by: Mitchell Haddad/NBC)

3. How will Beth learn about Rio?

Beth is eventually going to learn that Rio is still alive. How is that going to happen? Is he going to walk up to her house to surprise her or will he lure her out?

It probably won’t take long for Rio to work out that Beth is friends with his ex. This could be the perfect way to set up some sort of trap.

2. How will Marcus’s mom learn the full truth?

How long is this friendship going to last? It won’t take too much time for Rio’s ex to learn that Beth tried to kill Rio. Not only that, but she’ll find out the two had a fling together.

Just what will happen for her to learn all this? Will Rio tell her the truth? Maybe she’ll catch them meeting up. Then how will she react?

1. Is this how Noah will return?

Turner’s death doesn’t mean the FBI focus is going to disappear. This would be the perfect reason to bring Noah back into the show. He was Turner’s second in command, so it makes sense for him to take over the investigation. After all, everyone is going to know Rio is back out there and needs taking down.

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What questions do you have after Good Girls Season 3, Episode 1? What do you hope to see in the second episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Good Girls Season 3 continues on Sundays at 10/9c on NBC.

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