On My Block Season 3: 4 burning questions the upcoming season needs to answer

Netflix’s On My Block Season 3 has some major questions after a huge cliffhanger to end the previous season.

On My Block on Netflix has been well-received by viewers. The show is touching, action-packed, and full of strong friendships. The lives of four adolescents living in a dangerous area in Los Angeles is thoroughly depicted.

Season 2 ended with some major plot points. The rival gang to Spooky’s (Julio Macias) Santos, the Prophets, were all arrested and taken down. The last portion of the final episode saw Monse (Sierra Capri), Cesar (Diego Tinoco), Jamal (Brett Gray), and Ruby (Jason Genao) walking alongside a street before they were abducted by masked figures.

Now with On My Block Season 3 right around the corner, here are some major questions:

Will Monse regret her decision to leave Freeridge and start boarding school?

Monse made a huge decision to end Season 2, which is leave Freeridge and its pointy edges and head to boarding school. We saw her looking at the website for Mayfield Girls Academy, which is presumably where she will attend.

This would mean she leaves her “friends from day one” and would have to make new besties. In addition, adjustments would have to be made for her to fully adapt to a different lifestyle in a different area.

What about Monse and Cesar?

Monse remains very upset at Cesar after she learns of him sleeping with someone else. She now finds it hard to trust her former boyfriend and “unforgave” her initial forgiveness to him. Despite Cesar’s obvious love for her, Monse now makes it even harder to repair this relationship with her back on him in addition to leaving for boarding school. It will certainly be difficult for the former couple to rekindle their romance considering all the factors potentially blocking it.

How will friendships be impacted?

As evidence of the boys clearly brushing off Monse’s big news of leaving Freeridge at the end of Season 2, she may be fed up with the three guys’ immaturity. This may create a rift if Monse indeed does not return to the neighborhood as often. Distance will certainly play a factor now in how long this four-way friendship lasts.

These strong friendships may truly be put on the ropes with Monse away. Will she end up missing her goofy friends? Will the boys end up remembering Monse from time to time? On the contrary, will being abducted together lead to stronger bonds and teamwork that may prevent Monse from leaving town?

ON MY BLOCK – Credit: Nicola Goode/Netflix

Who kidnapped the group?!

This is the main question all fans of the show want to know. With the Prophets taken down, who could possibly be after the kids? Could it be someone connected to the Prophets? Could it be another gang? This could also be an act of revenge against Spooky, who happened to take down his rival gang, in which kidnapping his brother and friends may result in some sort of ransom situation.

There are multiple ways to look at this kidnapping. The teens may be held hostage for some time, which could mean handing over a lot of money may be the only way out. Nevertheless, this could also be a moment where the quartet hashes out their differences/recent arguments and works together to sneak themselves out of this mess. The first look for the new season recently released, and it seems the kids have been taken to a rather lavish mansion:

What are your biggest questions for On My Block Season 3?

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Catch On My Block Season 3 return to Netflix on Wednesday, March 11.