Love is Blind: Jessica is giving us whiplash

LOVE IS BLIND on Netflix.. Photo courtesy Netflix
LOVE IS BLIND on Netflix.. Photo courtesy Netflix /

New episodes of Love is Blind are now streaming on Netflix and Jessica is making viewer’s heads spin.

The first set of episodes of Love is Blind on Netflix made Jessica Batten look like the villain. She’s torn between Mark and Barnett, leaning more towards Barnett and even telling Mark she’s no longer sure about things. But when Barnett rejects her, Jessica runs back to Mark to apologize and tell her she’s all in. Is she, though?

The answer is quickly given to us. Jessica isn’t sure about Mark anymore. Not only can she not fully commit to the relationship, but once she sees Barnett, things get even more crazy. Nothing could have prepared us, however, for the second set of episodes!

Netflix has dropped four more episodes and they are packed with drama and ridiculousness… which we love! We’re not sure how we feel about Jessica, though. Spoilers ahead if you are not caught up on the first nine episodes.

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When we begin Episode 6, Jessica appears to be an entirely different person. She seems more into Mark. We instantly forgive her for how she treated him earlier. We think maybe she had a change of heart? Sure, that can happen! It is a confusing experience, after all. But just you wait…

Let’s just say there was too much alcohol involved. Jessica was a mess! She was all over the place, crossing the line with Barnett, being rude to Mark one second and kissing him the next, giving her dog wine. Wait, what? One minute she’s sure about Mark, the next, not so much!

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We are a forgiving audience! I must admit that I forgave her at least twice! Shame on me. Audiences were pulled in all directions. Serious whiplash happened, honestly, and we are still confused.

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Let’s be honest here, though, Mark isn’t completely innocent. He dodged all the red flags no matter how big or how hard they hit him in the face. And viewers noticed this: 

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The final episode of Love is Blind debuts Feb. 27.