5 shows to check out on Acorn TV in March 2020 (plus everything arriving)

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Liverpool — Courtesy of Acorn TV

Looking for something new to stream? Acorn TV has you covered in March 2020. Here are five shows you must check out, and everything else arriving.

Trying to choose content on streaming services can be overwhelming. Acorn TV is no exception, which is why I like to pick out the best five pieces of content to offer. The shows tend to cover a variety of genres and time periods, making sure all readers are covered.

As usual, March 2020 will bring a bunch of old and new content to Acorn TV. There’s a chance to see the likes of Blood Season 2 and the latest Miss Fisher movie, while also watching old classics like Liverpool and more.

Not sure what you should watch? Here are five TV shows on Acorn TV in March 2020 you need to check out, and we include everything arriving to the platform.

5. Liverpool 1

If you’re looking for an older TV crime drama, you’ll want to check out Liverpool 1. The series follows Bridewell’s vice squad on their day-to-day tasks, which includes pedophiles, drug pushers, porn barons, and much more. It’s a dark look into the underground networks around Liverpool.

Samantha Womack plays DC Isobel de Pauli, who is a stranger to the unseen blood connections between the criminals. Oh, and she finds out that the cops may also be connected, making it harder to know who to trust.

All 12 episodes of the 1998-1999 series will be available from Mar. 30, 2020.

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